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Oct 14th: Even if you can’t see us…

Even if you can’t see us….We are HERE!

We are HERE!

Horton has faith in the Whos he can communicate with, even though his forest friends ridicule him for believing in something that they are unable to see and hear.  It is not even their presence so much that is important,  but rather the faith he has in His Self, his innate knowing, and his sense of the invisible as valuable, transcendent, and instructive.

Seeing the invisible in the world of visible is inherent in the work of symbols, synchs, and self.

The moment I decided to post this, a book appears in front of me with wisdom to add to my inferences.  It is an essay about a play by Ms. George Elliot, called ‘The Lifted Veil.’  Indeed.  I find these words, despite their specific context, are relevant in this larger landscape…

“…the massiveness of the object world – indeed of matter itself – now shimmers like a mirage”

This encapsulates the effect of synchromysticism, the gaze which sees things in an appropriate and beautiful landscape of matrix-like illusion.  I was helpfully informed though, that despite the “fakeness” of physicality, its expression can be a mastery, if understood, not feared, and directed.  We do not stop admiring this density simply because there is a veil of eyes that keeps us from seeing all that which we are a part of.

“There is readable, therefore, a certain vibration, a waving or shimmering, perhaps itself analogous to the flickering of light in cinematic projection, within and as a part of the structure of representation.”

This metaphor holds for the larger imagery I describe.  The cinema screen upon which we play flickers in front of our eyes.  This virtual reality is a beauty of projection, and held within each element is the understanding of intrinsic significance.

I was pondering to myself yesterday a logic quandary.  That is, in this field of UFOs and spiritualism, there seems to be an intense, virulent argument against and for what is “real” and what is “fake.”  Well, this strikes me as hilariously funny.   For if you exist in a place where you believe you can honestly say that something is Illusion, a UFO or a god, then you have already openly acknowledged that Illusion exists!  Therefore if illusion exists, as the Buddha says, we can endeavor to see where what is Real lives.  We can seek the Self in All.   And then the Game can be a game, and we need not worry about what our parents say or our how our bank accounts blaze or dim.

“What is pertinent here is that the commentary registers the disturbance of the field of vision by something which one ‘sees.’ We see the invisible within the visible.  Caused by that which affects the visible, it is the trace of something else, something which cannot be seen, as such. The perception of the real is troubled and destabilized from within the visual itself and yet by something other than what is or can be seen.  The certainty of the temporal moment is unseated.

Derrida continues on this remark:

The visible, he writes, has an invisible inner framework (membrure), and the invisible is the secret counterpart of the visible, it appears only within it…it is inscribed within it.

The invisible then becomes more “real” than the visible.

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Beyond Zebra

The Zebra is a potent symbol in the synchromistic web of media, masonry, and mystic.

OZ/ON Beyond Zebra

OZ/ON Beyond Zebra

“…Then he almost fell flat on his face on the floor

When I picked up the chalk and drew one letter more!

A letter he never had dreamed of before!

And I said, “You can stop, if you want, with the Z

“Because most people stop with the Z

“But not me!

“In the places I go there are things that I see

“That I never could spell if I stopped with the Z.

“I’m telling you this ‘cause you’re one of my friends.

My alphabet starts where your alphabet ends!


In my Cosmic Alphabet, this could very well be my mantra.  To become knowledgeable of the universe, and thus of ourselves, we are compelled to seek beyond.

from ‘ON’ we can infer OZ as being ‘Beyond Zebra’

The journey from Kansas to OZ is when we realize that everything we think we need we have within ourselves, within our own power.  Brains, Heart, Courage, Home.

From the Beyond….I found this “Beyond” double-sync in a video below by Sarah Silverman (SS) about

Obama, whose name in Hebrew means LIGHTNING!

“His Brisket is Beyond,” and perhaps Barack also is Beyond?..into the New Understanding?

Since I brought up LIGHTNING, let’s review a few syncs of our current popular understanding.

Bolt the Olympic runner is an obvious sync who broke the world records quite handily. His first name “Usain” interests me as it forms into USA-IN, or IN-USA, perhaps.

Bolt bolts!


(The other night I was absorbing tv syncs and on the Cosby show I noticed how Lisa Bonet was looking more Egyptian than usual.  I turned the volume up and found her boyfriend giving her a Time Capsule.  The date he gave for it to be opened was February 22, 2020.  222,20.)


Side Sync:

While looking for the above, I found this picture of another Olympic way-shower, Human Dolphin hybrid Phelps who won 8 Golds on the 888 Olympics.

The Christ to me is the Christed Energy, which is the energy of opportunity that returns with those who reach for it thru their own potential.

Omega Man

Omega Man

Omega is actually the symbol ω, or W!

W is M.  This is also the Aquarius symbol

Omega signifies Aquarius?!

The Omega is the end, the Aquarius is the beginning. 

Maybe we should stop dreaming the end, and start dreaming the beginning!!!

In my Olympics Opinion, this matter of breaking records is truly an exercise of consciousness. It is only will that pushes us farther than “possible,” not our bodies.  As Morpheus would probably say, the only muscle you have is your mind.

For example, before anyone ran the four minute mile, it was THOUGHT IMPOSSIBLE to commit such a feat: “Prior to 1954, experts believed that running a mile in less than four minutes was beyond human capability.  But in 1954, Bannister broke the four-minute-impossible-barrier and clicked in at 3:59.4.  Yet the truly remarkable thing is what happened immediately after that. Just over a month later someone else did it, and then before too long a ton of people were doing the “impossible” sub-four-minute mile. The real barrier was psychological.

I say this to my friend who asked me during the Olympics, ‘when will it stop, when will we reach our peak?’

WE DO ONLY WHAT WE BELIEVE WE CAN DO.  Belief is the engine of the soul!


Lightning Bolt:

Hounds of Hermes becoming Heros

Notice how the W in Walt is more like the Omega symbol, and the D looks much more like a backwards G. That D never looked “normal” to me.

Omega + G + that y on the end resembles a p.

The G is a Masonic Mystery as well.  Some say it means God, Geometry, Gate.  The Mayans have G glyphs which represent to them the Spiral of the Galaxy.

The P seems to resonate with the Christian symbolism:

Alpha - X - Omega

Alpha - X - Omega

Pax of Alpha and Omega?  The Peace within the circle?

Not sure what all the synchnificance here is, but the Hermes Hero story of Disney’s Bolt shattering the mythology of media to reveal one’s true character to me portends to the collective epic we are experiencing now.


Notably I found this photo from Tampa Bay, Florida

Notably I found this photo from Tampa Bay, Florida

On my google search I was pointed to this reference:
Florida’s notorious “Lightning Belt.” It is famous because of the number of thunderstorms and lightning strikes that occur here. They don’t call the hockey team the “Tampa Bay Lightning” for nothing. Florida’s lightning strikes are thought to be especially powerful, thanks to the huge, highly charged clouds that form here.
Hmmm, let’s weave this together with a previous post, the “Those of the Gate of Florida” with this new lightning sync wink:
The Aid of Those of the Gate?

Yoda would say: The Aid of Those of the Gate?

Florida, the land of lightning, continues to inspire.  The University of Florida was where GATORADE was invented in 1965.   The power of the athlete can be translated from these symbols to mean the consciousness of light. The path of Light connecting above and below thru the gate of consciousness, in the state of Sunshine, aka Florida.  Coolness.


I started this blog referencing the ZEBRA…. so I shall continue:

I found this googling, from a medical patient’s blog.  Zebra is actually a term used by doctors to describe anomalies they cannot diagnose or cases that don’t fit within current explanation.

In fact, there is a term we have coined in the Support Group that I belong to – that describes what doctors frequently do: they look for Horses when they should be open to seeing Zebras.

THINK ZEBRA! Our lives may depend upon it.   Zebras are part of the horse family after all!”

Here we have the implication that Zebras are different, outside of our immediate frame of reference, but still a part of our family.  As we are all One, we are all family.  Thus, the Zebra bears the symbolism of the paranormal, extra-something, the outer limits.  (Cue spooky music.)  However, there is nothing to be afraid of, but the Zebras are there, and we won’t solve our problems unless we allow ourselves to see them.  The conclusion is, stretch and change into bigger shoes because you have outgrown the old ones.

Zebra and the Black/Underground Gov’t:

The other information I have unearthed about Zebra pertains to its symbolic resonance with the BLACK GOVERNMENT. You may know them as the ones who perpetrated the 9/11 mega ritual.

Black of many

Black of many

The presence of Zebras as symbols with the analogous black and white stripes illustrates context here as black government and white government.  White being known, and black being unknown.

In the Black World government, which underscores the regular (White) Military, there exists certain levels of clearance.  There is Top Secret and then there is Cosmic Top Secret Clearance.  No joke.   And then there is ZEBRA CLEARANCE.  Yup, that’s right.  This refers to the most secret of situations.

For example, from Stephen Greer’s first official documentation of testimonies for Disclosure in May 2001, we have references to this:

Merle Shane McDow: US Navy Altlantic Command, October 2000

“Mr. McDow entered the Navy in 1978 and gained a top-secret, Special Compartmented Intelligence (SCI) clearance with a Zebra Stripes. He was assigned to the Atlantic Operational Support Facility, Atlantic Command, then under Admiral Trane. Mr. McDow was present when a UFO was tracked by radar and seen by pilots visually moving at high speed up and down the Atlantic coast. The Command Center was put on Zebra alert and Admiral Trane gave the order to force down the UFO. Mr. McDow discusses the threats, intimidation and confiscation of logbooks that occurred after the event.

‘After a six month wait I got a top-secret, Special Compartmented Intelligence (SCI) clearance, with a zebra stripe identification badge, which permitted access to all facilities on the base at all times.

Condition Zebra is the highest level of alert that the Navy [at that time had been] generally dealing with global nuclear threats, in particular the Soviets.

When you set a Condition Zebra, whether it is a drill or not people are not authorized to be there who do not have a Zebra Access Badge. It is a zebra striped area on your clearance badge. They have to leave the Command facility and we have Marines stationed inside and outside the building there that were under orders to shoot any unauthorized personnel that remained in the Command Center during one of these episodes.’ “

Retired Command Sergeant Major Bob Dean’s website is called “Beyond Zebra” as well…..

I don’t believe ETs are archetypes. I believe they are as “real” as we are. So, by understanding our own immortal, purpose driven essences, we can understand them as well.

From Disclosure Project:

Monsignor Balducci is a Vatican theologian and an insider close to the Pope. He has been featured on national Italian television numerous times to express that extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon and “not due to psychological impairment.” In this testimony he explains that not only the general populous but also highly credible, cultured, and educated people of high status are recognizing more and more that this is a real phenomenon. He goes on to speak about the extraterrestrial people as part of God’s creation and that they are not angels nor are they devils. However they are probably more spiritually evolved.”

Honestly, I feel like these concepts are too large to contain in a blog.  The method of synchromysticism keeps pointing me back to the higher truths.   Yet writing is a manner of  active exploration,  which calls in intuition, higher self, and communion with memory and larger ideas.  It is its own funny evolving process.  I am happy to have found such an interactive forum for comprehension and compilation.

Kinda gives Zebra Clearance a new meaning...

Kinda gives Zebra Clearance new meaning...


I found something I consider amazing on a google search just now.  Here is the excerpt from a zooological page:

Is a zebra black or white?

The answer of this question comes down to perspective.  Some would say that it is mostly white, as under its belly. Others would say that a zebra is black because if you shaved all the fur off a zebra the skin is mostly black. So it really depends on how you want to look at it.


Heh.  ‘And knowing is half the battle…’ right?

I think that speaks to the mystery and the meaning of the zebra.  Trying to choose between or rather understand the divine duality between dark and light.

The Divine Duality allows opposites to exist in the same space.

Its the same with the concept of Good or Bad.  It depends on your perspective.  Something can Just Be, and have many purposes, but one perspective might say it is helpful, and another unhelpful.  The answer really is yes.  Both are a part of the whole, and exist together.  That is a harmony we should learn to see and honor.

I had a dream recently where I saw numbers on a clock.  This was a first for me in a dream.  The numbers were 8:25 and kept changing to 8:52.  The 2 and 5s looked more like Zs, and they switched back and forth.  The strong feeling I got during the dream was that these were the SAME THING, and that when we switched them, facing different directions, we called them different things.  The sameness could not be diminished by the distraction of the labels.

Heh.  Zzzs on a clock.  Guess someone’s still sleeping.

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Rusty the KK Master

When I saw these photos of the young princess in King Koopa’s tower, which is also the World Trade Center towers in the Mario Bros movie…posted on The Blob’s page, I noticed an odd but awesome sync to one I took myself recently.

WTC windows of K, ok?!

K, ok?!

KK World Trade towers

KK World Trade towers

Rusty the KK master

Rusty the KK master!!!

Which I took while my friends and I were visiting Tallahassee and goofing around in an Art Park a few weeks ago:

Art Park

Now, it would only be an ordinary coincidence, except for the awesomeness that is my friend Rusty, and how exactly he is a K2 master!  First of all, see my post Triangle Circle to see how awesome he is.  That’s him the pic with me, and we’re opening a StarGate together.  *Gush* He’s the best.  : )

But here’s the real story.

I met Rusty synchificantly at a time in my life when I was recovering from a relationship breakup/karmic resolution/initiation drama.  K is for Karma!  and I’ll tell you why!  I met him in a cafe, thru a friend almost accidentally, but we hit it off and now we are like best buddies.  So, he has this other good friend Kris, and all I knew was that Kris used to be married once, and he also met Rusty when he was getting divorced.  Rusty always seems to be there to help people heal and show them the light!  What I found out about a month ago was that Kris used to be married to this girl Kim who I knew a year ago thru my ex Kenny!  I met them in different ways, but the whole Karmic Kosmic Story fit together.  Rad huh!

Kim and Kris => Rusty saves the day <= Katie and Kenny

Look who’s surrounded by K2!  No friggin joke.  The Universe is magical.


Yes that's a Stargate over our heads

The K2 phenomena is the 11:11 marker, which I believe is the upwelling of Karma into a new synchnificance.

As Blob Kotze puts it:

“The K2/KK/11:11/HH/H/MM (pairs) symbols all seem to be entraining syncromystically with facets of the intimately related 2K (Millennium) and 911 Mega Rituals, while pointing elegantly at its ancient precursors in the Himalayas…”

K2 is also the sacred Himalayan Mountain which Blob Kotze writer synched up for us all very well.  See his posts for more information on that matter.



K2 or 9/11 was the beginning of Star Gate openings in our consciousness.

Kris, Rusty, Katie (me) in perfect friend harmony

Rusty is still the K2 master: Kris, Rusty, Katie (me) in perfect friend harmony

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Prisoners no more.

McCain-McDuck made an interesting slip the other day.

While at a rally, he addressed to a stadium full of people, calling them:


Glitch in the Matrix McCain

I tell you what McCain.  Thanks for the dose of “reality.”  But no more.

No more are we Prisoners of the Mind.

David Icke was right when he said

Those who control information, control our sense of possibility.”

Jesus is right too, indeed:

The Truth will set you Free!

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‘Galactic Federation’ speaks about our Earth and the Universe

I gather things that have value to me.  Have a sense of humor about everything guys.  If it fits, it fits, if it doesn’t o well.

And don’t forget you are as all powerful or as powerless as you let yourself be.  In my view at least.

I know it looks like he gave this speech in a sixth grade classroom… but geez…try not to be so superficial!

Link to the youtube page with the rest of the 12 videos.

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Saint Anthony talks to Jersey kids in the 90s

Another of my favorite channelings!

Here is part 2

Here is part 3

Here is part 4

Here is part 5

And just for fun:  Past Life Regression of Jerry Springer

(who by the way, used to be called the Bobby Kennedy of Cleveland…former champion of the little guy, see the This American Life story on his past…then this past life reading will make more sense)

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Bashar: Scottish?Irish?ET?

I just love him, and his wacky little accent…

“From OUR point of view, you ARE Aliens!”

“There are NO one-sided Coins!”

Darryl Anka explains how he started channeling Bashar:

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Who does the Pope represent?

Here is what I will start with.

Pope Hat

Pope Hat - Mitre

The Hedjet is the formal name for the White Crown of pharaonic Upper Egypt:

Crown of Egypt

Why does the Pope of the Catholic Church wear the Crown of Egypt???

Is this an attempt to resonate with the Sirian Grid?

Or does this simply represent the bloodlines of the ruling parties descending from ancient Egypt to modern times keeping their tenure and their secrets intact?

Egyptian Pope?

Egyptian Pope?

This image is from the Vatican courtyard.  A giant pine cone: the pineal gland of our third eye, flanked by two Peacocks.

Vatican Courtyard Pine Cone + Ostriches

Vatican Courtyard Pine Cone + Peacocks

When I was growing up in suburban South Florida, a mere handful of miles from the supposed resting place of Atlantis, Bimini, I experienced a symbolic occurrence one day.  Walking home down my suburban street, in the heart of the roiling city, I saw Two Peacocks walking side by side.  They were jolly and gay like a couple holding hands.  It was one of the strangest things I ever saw.

It turned out that a neighbor who liked to collect exotic pets had let them get out of his yard.  This memory came rushing back to me when I saw this photo of the Vatican Courtyard.  When I was there, I didn’t notice this structure.  My friend who was with me could read some Egyptian hieroglyphs and together we examined the sarcophagi inscriptions.  So it was here, in the heart of Vatican City that I first connected with my ancient Egyptian heritage.

The links between Egypt and Rome are clear.

Obelisks - Symbols of Power?  Or INSTRUMENTS...

Obelisks - Symbols of Power? Or INSTRUMENTS...

“The official iconography of the Roman Emperor, strictly defined by Augustus admitted only one exception so that the Emperor could be portrayed as an Egyptian Pharaoh to underline the continuity between the pharaohs and the emperors. In this context Augustus after having defeated Antony and Cleopatra and conquered Egypt in 30 BC brought from Heliopolis to Rome the obelisks dedicated to the Pharaohs Rameses II and Psammetichus II. Other obelisks came from Egypt or were made in Rome in the next three centuries; thirteen of them can still be seen in the streets of Rome.”

Perhaps they wanted to transplant the Egyptian grid to Rome.  Perhaps we need to look deeper into our history and give our ancestors more credit than just being casual art lovers.  Maybe they understood that their Gods of the Sky were real.

The Pliedians tell me that these obelisks were brought in before Zero Point for a specific purpose.  They wanted to attract the forces that were visiting at that time.  The newly established Roman calendar also came into effect during this same time period, and counted down to that point.

However, as we all well know, an event ensued.  A surprise event.  The Christed Energy was brought to the Earth plane, and this overpowered even the most nefarious power plays of the Roman Emperors.

And as we all know, there was an Extra Star in the sky during that period.  Perhaps this was what the Romans were expecting as they looked up.  But the TRUE Sirian Magi who also knew of the “star,” knew of a Higher Purpose.  A new beginning.

Star of Bethlehem...or is it?

Star of Bethlehem...or is it?

There has been alot of talk about a so-called Planet X.  Nibiru. The Pliedians tell me that this is not the first time it has come here.   That we have all covered up the memory of Nibiru and joined it with the Christ story.  That what we call the Star of Bethlehem, is actually Nibiru.

But eventually, I think we will all have to understand the full story, what ever it is.

Possibly as Large as Jupiter; Mystery Heavanly Body Discovered

By Thomas O’Toole, Washington Post Staff Writer

Friday, December 30, 1983 ; Page A1

Is this Planet X???

In this Sumerian glyph, there’s alot more planets than we now count.  What did they see?  What did they know?  And how come that guy sitting down is twice the size of those other dudes???

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Those of the Gate of Florida…appended

My place of employment:

The Blue and Orange of the Florida Gators… is there a synchromystic link here?

G 8 = Gate-ors.

G 8 = Gate-ors.

Perhaps we are tapping into our Reptile origins…and together passing through the Gate, making us the Gate-ors.   The green dragons, the green men, joining with the orange and blue isis gate!?

Hmmm, let’s see where this goes.

So, first we have Osiris, the lost companion of Isis…

Osiris.  Green man

Osiris. Green man atop the Orange and Blue Platform?

Blue and Orange

Blue and Orange Kate

Isis resonates with Kate Winslet, wins-let, I believe because as was referenced to me today by The Blob writer, independent thinker and source of great inspiration for many people, Jake Kotze in his new podcast,   Jim Carrey played the Green Man several times.  And it was in the movie above, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MInd, that the Blue and Orange Kate and Green Man Jim travel together thru time….well, basically.  (See the Montauk references in this amazing video by Labyrinth of the Psychonaut:

The themes that Blob wrote about in Green with Synchnificance, I will attempt to build upon and explain thru my own recently acquired information.

(I added that extra wins-let because last night I had a dream in which this boy who apparently I had a crush on was skulking around me.  FInally I asked him to sit down and join me, and he said “I win win.”  I thought that was really weird, even in the dream, until I put together today that win win plural makes ‘wins.’  Wins-let, like Scar-let, or Ham-let, or even Star-let.  Also, when he sat down, I asked him his name and he said “James.”  Soooo, I put that together with this post on James (Jim) Carrey, and Wins-let.  And indeed, I am Wins-let, as my name too is Kate.

Interestingly enough, when I googled ‘Jim James Carrey,’ I got this video of early standup from an earnest young man.

“Maybe I will be….”  Indeed!

Here he mentions the apocalypse laughingly, shedding us of our fears…I think he has gotten after all what he has aimed for…inducting us into the broadening of our ideas through his sincerity.)

So, James played the Green Man as the Riddler, the Mask, and the Grinch.

Green Grinch

Green Grinch

Later he played God:

I interpret these all as common archetypes of the Male Energy manifested as False God.   Now, bear with me…. I was reading this weekend in book 3 of Conversations with God about the creation of the Male God and the Male Satan.  Apparently this occurred after a period of distant human history in which there was peaceful Matriarchal control.  The Male Satan (as Satan is indeed male and not female in our cultural understandings) was created as a fear tactic for power.  He was molded as a devious trickster, which caused men to doubt the validity of the Goddess, thru which women operated.  Thus, a Male God was then created first to champion and protect the Female Goddess from the Male Satan, and then later He came to dominate over all, and demanding all. Becoming as later traditions find, wrathful, jealous, and confusing as hell!  That is the way the book explained it…and I must say, it is logical in its own sort of way.  This is valid especially considering the archeological records of Goddess Worship in the distant past of our world.

Goddess statuette from Catal-huyuk, the oldest known society

Goddess statuette from Catal-huyuk, the oldest recorded society, Middle East

Minoan Snake Goddess, Ancient Greece

Minoan Snake Goddess, Ancient Greece

So, over times the balance between the Female and Male in society switched, just as the roles of the Female and Male Gods switched. 

Matriarchy became Patriarchy, and Goddess became God.

So, not to get on a Goddess tangent, or even to say that one is better than the other, but rather, neither are complete without the other. This history seems to mark the origins of the twisted ideas of Male Dominant and Judgmental God about, and where we lost the cultural understanding of the Loving God, and even Unified God.  Anyway, this got me to thinking that the Masked Man, the Riddler, the Grinch, and the Green Man may be recurring myths that the male energy embodies.  Carrey also plays God in Bruce Almighty.  So we have him walking thru the roles of each of the historic male archetypes, the Green God and the Green Trickster/Satan concoction.   He plays them with sincerity and compassion and a genuis synch wink.

For example, in the Mask movie, the story of the Mask is correlated to the mythological origin of the trickster in the Norse god Loki.  The male God counterpart of Loki was Odin, not dissimilar probably from Egyptian Osiris.

The Male Gods and Tricksters who replaced the female counterparts over time…..

Loki Mask

Loki Mask

Loki was said to be called One of Lies,

Actually a story of redemption thru Truth

Actually a story of redemption thru Truth

Sly One, Shape Shifter….as our the modernly known Reptilian counterparts are called….

…and yet Loki was also a man /god suffering thru snake poison

Loki bound and tormented until the end of time by the poison of the Snake...hmmm..

…Here is David Icke on Shape Shiting…

And most notably, recently…

‘Colbert Report’: McCain Courts the Reptile Vote

(ya..i can only do the link and not the video because wordpress is the suck.  ugh!)

ANYWAY…getting back to the Gods discussion…and what Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, and the University of Florida all have to do with this….

Odin, the one eyed male God

Sooo!  The journey I see being played out by the now sedated Male God Jim Carrey as Joel and the life giving Goddess Isis as Kate as Clementine (a smaller version of the orange) is that they are finally finding that they need eachother’s aspects to have validation in their true self.  So, though they are different, they are attempting to find a peace, and a joining between their incongruous and confusing past, as I believe we all now are as well.  (Most notably, they do this thru play, which I think we can all take lesson from.)  We seek to embody both the aspects of the Feminine, nurturing, life sustaining, intuitive, and the Masculine, creative and logical. I think we need to put our old Gods (and our old definitions of them) to rest, whoever they are, and allow our counterpart aspects of Self join together and achieve a new synthesis of balance and harmony.

So, I believe I am witness to then the symbolic passing of the Green Man through the Blue and Orange Isis Gate, here at the University of Florida.  As Jim Carrey passed thru his circular experience with the orange and blue Miss Winslet in Eternal Sunshine, so must the myths of the past now pass thru the Gate of the Goddess, remaking both of the old into something joined and new. Synchromystically, the main online hub of the Gate/or University is no less than:

ISIS !!!

University of Florida Integrated Student Information System ISIS

Isis Oranges resonating Sunshine State joined with Odin’s single eye, there at Lake Okechobee.

Also, land of Vortex spinning Hurricanes and Lightning of the Gods! of the Gods?

Yes, but what kind of Gods?

Are we really all alone in this giant cosmic meaningful universe?

Are we really all alone in this giant cosmic meaningful universe?

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What is Eternal?

What is Eternal?

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  This movie of many lessons teaches us that ignorance is NOT bliss, and ultimately THE TRUTH WILL OUT!

However, upon reviewing this feature recently, I saw it as a fantastic example of the opportunity of Karma!

I think Karma is misunderstood.  And as I now feel, Karma is what you begin with, and what you do with that Karmic baggage is up to you.  So if two people with absolutely no conscious memory of each other find their way to each other, you may have had a karmic past.  It may be that you were lover, mother, father, child, enemy, killer, best friend, or whatever.  There is a story, an emotion that draws you to each other.  And then as humans, we try to figure out what we want/need from each other because we are like that.  Perhaps all we can give each other is peace, respect, or to learn how to let go of something.

After Clementine (which means forgiveness, and is naturally a hybrid between states) and Joel (which means the Lord is God)  erase their memories of each other, they still find their ways back to each other the very next morning.  As they are reborn anew, we too cannot remember each other, but perhaps there is a place where we meet someone that we arranged it to be so, whether its a class, a city, a cafe, a bus, or a snowy beach!

the illusion of opposties?

Snowy Beach: the illusion of opposites?

Perhaps we can make something beautiful together, or perhaps we need to resolve an old cycle.  We meet in that cycle, and choose to either continue with what we did before, or try something new! This agreement to come together, cosmically, to try and do it is how we plan out our existences.  There are plans within plans, but in the As Above So Below understanding of SynchroMystism, our relationships matter because we act out the Drama of the Gods.  So we can Inspire Them!  Here we can break from the known into the unknown.  We can build and create solutions on the Micro, which sends information to all levels of the Macro.

The wheel of karma is the old relationship

The opportunity lies in the power of the human spirit to design something new, based out of love, not fear.  Hope, wonder, and responsibility.

What will come of this human game I ask you?

What will we choose?

Love?  Forgiveness?

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