Posted by: cosmicalphabet | July 15, 2009

An Obama dream comes true?

Um, about six months ago, I had a dream in which Obama sat on the steps under the Eiffel Tower, and spread his arms in both directions…expressing his openness and love to all things, to someone who sat next to him trying to get him to be less than he is.  He just smiled.


City of Light

I watched this scene in the dream and then exclaimed to my mother, “You see!  Obama is an Egyptian priest!”  She was like, “wha…?”  And I shook my head and told her not to worry about it.   She didn’t understand, you see, that the Egyptian priests were the facilitators who thru initiation have been now known to have had an intimate relationship to the true secrets of the Egyptian monuments and records.

Then today I found this on Konkrete Junkyard:

Hmmm…It seems so innocent, this possible reincarnation recognition.   That is what makes it also seem so genuine.  Yet would it not be expected that in the cycles of time those who have collected wisdom and experience would now come back into a role of leadership to steward in a New Age?

That is something that has concerned me in this syncho-sphere.  Even as the concepts, symbols, and themes of the Aquarian age are all being pointed towards, there is yet a subtle but distinct divorce from the previous generation’s description of this upcoming Shift.

I actually feel that the synchronous environment plays hand in hand with the unfolding of the Higher Mind.

I was reading in the Seth Material today about the importance of Spontaneity.  “Spontaneity is our doorway,” Seth said.  The Seth material as channeled thru Jane Roberts more or less jump started the New Age movement in mainstream America.  Synchronicity, the observation of which, implies a joyful point of view toward the interplay of image, event and meaning, seems to be a doorway as well.   To me they are the same doors.

Hokey, but perhaps true.


Jane Roberts



  1. AHA! i just wrote about this “subtle but distinct divorce” in a comment on the previous post. Somethin told me to go back and read that one first…

    I noticed you used the word “joyful” to describe the patternistic POV. I think this concept is crucial, though i dont yet understand it. the sync web reveals something very positive and comforting, even though the balance of positive and negative is constantly seen.

    • : ) Positive and Comforting…especially, i would contend, as the “balance of positive and negative is constantly seen.” Meaning, it makes that revelation all the more acceptable.

      I work at a university library, and I wish they would study these concepts, or all things as related. I stumble upon a few lonely thinkers in the stacks, mostly Renaissance or Kabbalistic theorists, and brave newagers. Everyone post enlightenment really thinks with the point of view of separation. Sadly. As if study is something pointed toward the past and the invention of idea is something off limits. Yay for blogs.

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