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How we are connected (addended at the end)

light circle

After stepping away from this blog for a long time, I’ve decided to start up again.  My absence was not for lack of material but rather for a lack of a conception of how to organize non linear sync ideas. Each sync blog I have had the privilege to read has developed a personal language, and yet the themes and tone of each overlap, with a seeming sense of purpose, as if we are both voyagers and creators.  Drawing ourselves into a consciousness of study that is without definition in our current world.  That is mind boggling to me.  And yet it has become completely natural and routine.

Now my only desire is to find a way to translate this.


Listening to Jake Kotze’s recent podcast last night in my living room, I was struck by two things.  By the way, I put the sensitivity and grace of Jake in an unparalleled category.  I believe his open mindedness to the evolution of himself, his ideas, and his blog is what allows for the range of insight I observe.  I have been concerned in the past that this new field is dominated too heavily by male voices, an invisible elephant in the room perhaps.   I think there is a needed nonjudgemental sensitivity when approaching these non dualistic concepts.   Coexisting with a multitude of unqualified new ideas requires a willful separation from the cultural psyche that informs our intellect.  We have to reach deeper, and let go of  linear programming.  We cannot tell the road where to take us, we must walk it to find out where it goes.

But I digress.  As you can see, I’ve had alot on my mind this past…(year?).  What struck me from Jake’s podcast was his understanding of the magnitude of Sync.  Sync, as he put it, causes the separation from Other to disintegrate.  To observe a sync is to be involved in it as well.  Since this disturbs the sanctity of privacy from the universe, it would be apparent that some people would not yet be open to having that conversation, that intrusion.  What synch tells us then is that privacy is illusion, and conversation is inevitable and ongoing.

As evidence to this…as I sat in my living room listening to his podcast, something very irregular for me since I almost always doing all my online research at work, Jake began speaking about surrealism.   As he mentioned that his room is covered in Magritte paintings, I was crosslegged on the floor looking at my own, the famous Magritte painting I had replicated not a few years ago, as I too felt most drawn to these images.  I felt Magritte struck a deep cord in regards to the human dilemma of identity.  The deeper internal feelings that are related to the natural world and the natural self are forced to qualify or hide themselves, disguised under a civilized exterior.  The Western perception that the rational self and natural self are inherently at odds I think is captured in Magritte’s joyful insanity that this apparent conflict provokes out of the desire live fully, and without boundary.  The boundary is the societal one, and it instructs us to be linear, inside of a constructed and enforced time, and to nonsensically deny our identitfication with the natural living world, a world which portends a much vaster sense of Identity.   This schizophrenic attitude of the western self is both lambasted and relieved in Magritte’s surrealism.  I felt relieved by his images.  I knew that I was too a non-linear dreaming self in a larger reality than has yet been described.

So when Jake drew this theme and his own experience into the conversation, I felt some personal feeling that I needed to start writing again, even without conclusion, plan, or theme.  I need to be and describe myself, if only for myself.

My Magritte Living Room

My Magritte Living Room

I have come to the conclusion in the past few months that I think Sync is about attitude, this cosmic consciousness (KK) we hear so much of.  I think there is an opportunity to step out of every situation, the momentary self, and let the matrix inform the moment, and take you further into meaning.  I believe we can all collect meaning, if we ask for it.

The matrix is a Siberian word formed to describe the Feminine hand or womb that holds the network of life together.

char web“I weave my webs for you because I like you. After all, what’s a life, anyway?”

-Charlotte’s Web

So stepping from the Separation to Sync.


) (

What I like about this pic, that I grabbed a few months ago from the Huff post, is the mirroring ellipses of the storm front and the man’s hand bending over his face.   Implied in this mirror, I think,  is the sacred relationship between our species, our consciousness, and our planet.  We do not yet know how this relationship works, and many people do not even know it exists, but this sync to me shows that it is understood in the deeper self of the collective.  Our realities are intertwined.  When I perceive syncs, it is not only from pop media, it is also from spirit animals, from people, from dreams, and from the earth itself, as we are part of the earth and even our computers are part of the earth.

In Sync there is no Separation.

For some reason, this reminds me of that kind of surreal juncture scene from the Miranda July film,

Me and You and Everyone We Know



Side note:

And last night as I was sitting at my local Irish Pub, underneath a parking garage where I and my friend Kris had planned to watch the space shuttle launch (as I live in Florida), I felt reminded of Hawaii by an Ihop commercial.  I struck up a conversation with a friend, who informed me that they (Hawaii) have “H One.”   “Hydrogen?” I asked.  “No,” he said, “a highway.” I came home later and sat down to look at the Sync Hole, and there was a post by another JK about the Space shuttle launch, and H One.

H one.  H1. ….. HI (Hawaii) perhaps as a new High Way for Space Tourism:

“The higher you go, the smaller it gets,” he said. “You definitely get a sense of the uniqueness of this fragile blue marble that we live on.”

I love following sync trails if only just to observe the absense of separation between spontaneity, coincidence, and events in conciousness.  I will try to get more casual with my posting, just to include as many of the unfolding syncs as possible from my journey.



So, re-reading this, i noticed the ridiculous synch info that was received prior to the outbreak of H1N1.

Very cool.  But that also relating to the recent posts added above, disturbs me unfortunately.

Pig Fever indeed.



  1. I have the same problem with organizing non-linear syncs. I’m working on making my stuff more non-linear to accommodate, but i need a strong linear basis upon which to build the pattern. its all very stressful at times.

    I just discovered the matrix-womb connection for myself recently while researching Matrix movie theories (i ran across a hebrew dictionary that said that matrix and womb are the same word); i had yet another moment of that weird ecstasy of oneness… i proposed months ago that the city of Zion in the Matrix Trilogy was a giant womb penetrated by the sentinels (who look a lot like sperm).

    These moments of sync confirmation are so terribly beautiful. I like how you put it;

    “We do not yet know how this relationship works, and many people do not even know it exists, but this sync to me shows that it is understood in the deeper self of the collective.”

    The crazy part in all this, i think, is that while we are becoming aware of this relationship, this understanding, the very nature of the relationship is changing! and if what i believe is true, our perceptions are about to be redefined as the age comes to an end.

    • Too true, patternist. And then the further “difficulty” I find when the synchosphere invades our own lives. How can this be translated? It seems to develop from that which reports it. The feedback loop is open. For instance, I sync alot with the Blob, and your last post, about Beyonce and The Lips of Dali super oddly synced from major events in my own life. Those “lips” were given to me as a present made from a tree by a friend and then resurfaced at two full moons and on my way to see a psychic. Its complex. I hardly can explain these coincidences. The Mother Voice, perhaps? The Ma-trix. Ah, the womb meta-for is brilliant, the sentinel sperm penetrating its polarity. So cool.

      Yeah, I think mainly the toughest part to grasp is the involvement we play in this. The awareness of it, I believe, is the becoming of it. Who knows exactly where it will lead, but I like, I really really like, that all of a sudden there is this world of people who are having some fun with it!

  2. Ah! I see that the post/my sync was that one called “Medium is Message.” Brilliant title by the way. The being is the doing is the knowing. Right? That’s why seeing the Lips on my road trip with friends to a town called Casadega chock full of these “mediums” was so special.

    Also, what about “medium” as middle? (S,M,L?) The Buddhist middle road/ middle way or …Goldie Locks comes to mind too, what with your little girl-as-discoverer-of-truth pattern for Beyonce. Too much, too little, middle is just right.

    I think this information is flowing so readily from the Pop-ular conciousness (like a living library per se) because in a way, it is being passed to us. Like an inheritance. That’s what I read, anyhow.

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