Posted by: cosmicalphabet | November 10, 2008

Yes. We. Can.

Mythology becomes Reality:

Myth no longer

Today I’m teary eyed and unable to keep myself from rejoicing publicly over the ability of Earth to come together in one symbolic moment, expressing peace inwardly and outwardly.

I say Earth because this was not an America only event.

Hope just got a little more realistic.


YESSS like arms raising together as one...

This is no mere thing.

This is a great thing.

This is a great change.

Change that occurs within our souls and in our societies.

A seed for the Future

A seed for the Future. A thought of Hope.

This morning, as 11/11 approaches, beckoning as the One Week anniversary of this climactic shift in global consciousness, a mediating purpose rises on the horizon.  Here and now the future begins.  And we see how the world is lifted, and we see who is the one lifting it.

As within is without, as the change in Me becomes the change in We.

Me is We, and We is Me.

Something fundamental has shifted.  Something we can see and touch.

In togetherness, me becomes we.

This is the Age of Aquarius.

Here we come.

As I was perusing the Huffington Post (aka the Obama fan page) today, in a reference to the changing of the guard at Fortune Magazine, this old cover is posted.

Notice the cross in the middle of the circle!!

How. We. Won.

How. We. Won.

As David Plouffe, chief organizer for the O campaign, said so succinctly and calmly on victory morning,

We won because we believed we could.”

The Alchemical Sign for Earth is the four aspects meeting in the One.

“From Many we are One” – Barack Obama

Earth - Pagan Symbols


Since we are on the topic of the mythological

Here is another interpretation of the meaning of the above symbol, which is also known as a Medicine Wheel:

Medicine Wheels are not fully understood by most people. Some say, they symbolize cosmic connections and our relationship to the sun; others say it represents a symbol of Harmony and Oneness or about ‘walking the Earth with reverence, with healthy minds and inner peace, honoring the connection between spirit and nature, by awakening our memories and manifesting our dreams.The Sasquatch said that these rock and shell and wood circles, describing the four directions, serve as Portals. You can go through them — but be aware! You may not be able to come back! The Sasquatch call this other world, the Sometime Place.

(is mythology…really mythology??)

Native American Medicine Wheel

Native American Medicine Wheel

A  new future approaches.

What this tells me, is that

It begins when we want it to begin.



  1. I think your blog is very interesting.. I hope to look into it more, soon.. (i’m supposed to be working.. ; ) I like the references to dreams, shamanism, and modern life, juxtaposed to your active inner life and imagination.

    Thank you!


  2. thanks for your comment over at the sync whole. and thanks for supporting barack obama. after challenging him and his messages hard the conclusion is: he’s one of the good guys. keep going

  3. Yes, yes, and yes, indeed, we can … WE … can. Thanxz for your only just KNEW comment for a blog that goes back to, whoa, March, somewhere else! Inn sew doe-Ing, yew just hipped me to your new one here. It’s good to Gno you.

    Yet another truly wonderful interpretation of the cross within the circle (thanxz for your decipherings) is alsothis particular one. Whupsadaisies! I’ve gotsta dash! The portal’s abite to close. Later!

    From high atop Apple Mountain,
    Anadæ Effro (•8-)}

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