Posted by: cosmicalphabet | November 2, 2008

Feminin and Masculin: extensive dream journaling!

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Eddie and Annie

Eddie and Annie

Those two stood out to me from day one of this economic extravaganza that has led to the newworld-Ordering of our financial-debt system.  So, F and M.  But what does it mean??

Today however, it all came out as soon as I started wondering aloud to a friend about it.

One is a feminin name and the other is a masculin name, and yet within each are the signifiers of Feminin and Masculin. The dual truth of each gender is that they contain both. So, you are not ever one or the other, but both.  A truth that is coming to the surface, quite literally.

What I think is that, because we haven’t healed this truth, and we haven’t yet balanced our expressions, then we are imploding by necessity as a society, and this is the huge symbolic signifier.  That is what I read on the Giant Obvious scale.  The spiritual is signified by the physical. The spiritual problem is not fixed, so our structure of consciousness fails, and those attached to that failed system fail.

A balance of both inside

A balance of both inside

Here is what one site says:

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies:

It is also time to be clear about the need for both masculine and feminine energies existing in balance. Our culture tends to believe that anything “feminine” is less than anything “masculine.” It is a belief that is quite firmly held in the mass consciousness, although there are, fortunately, exceptions. Perhaps you are one of those who knows that masculine and feminine must exist in balance. Perhaps you know that neither one is better than the other.

I want to be certain that you do not immediately draw the conclusion that I believe that the solution to current organizational problems is to promote women to the top.  The solution must go below the surface of the outer actions. We must go deeper than legislation and rules — those are simply ways to control actions. The issues are deeper, more fundamental. A consciousness shift is required.

We must all integrate the masculine and feminine in our own consciousness. We must begin to feel safe talking about feelings, to show caring and affection and — dare I say it? — love in the work place and elsewhere.”

FM, FM.  Feminin Masculin, Feminin Masculin.

We need to learn this lesson particularly well if we are going to heal our society.  We need an expression of the Feminin first and foremost so very well indeed.   That I feel with the very essence of my being.

In fact, when I think of the American presidential election, I think of the need for Feminin. That will be the next strong expression in our consciousness.  It needs to be.  I don’t think Male or Female, like Hillary or Palin, Barack or Biden.  I don’t see specifics but I know that we need to honor and value the sacred feminin within all of us, and now, and soon.  If young Barack can help steer us collectively toward that more trusting, nurturing, heart based expression, then it will be a boon for this country, for this consciousness, for this world.  Tuesday come soon. Tuesday come well.

Honoring the Feminin

Honoring the Feminin

I had a dream a long while back about Barack. In the dream, I was comforting him.  I imagined it was because of all the stress the campaign was putting upon him.  Then I realized what was going on, and supposed I must tell him all I could about the reality of UFOs and how we need to work with these societies, and as well the nefarious underground activities of the black budget.  I took him to a balcony, a stylized Indian veranda, I pointed to the now approaching probe drones.  The ETs.  I said “look they are real.  it’s ok.”

Then we went around the veranda corner and were approached by a flank of ET bubble ships, which looked to me like Christmas tree ornaments.  One of them was coming very close, and I wanted to show Barack that we could ask for boundaries, so I put up my hand in the dream in front of me, saying Stop.  However, they kept coming closer.  Finally, the white bulbous one in front transformed into an Indian Sheik wearing a robe.  He came right up to us.  I think he even said my name.  I recall thinking that I felt a bit famous because I was acting as an introductory service between these worlds.  They all knew me.  I had the feeling that all of us hung out for awhile.  There were a few others.  Advisers.  But mainly this sheik and me and B.

We were in the shadows of some street.  We wanted to go get a hotdog at a nearby stand, but it was in public.  Barack didn’t want to be noticed.  I said to him, “look at who you are with, no one will think you are you.”  When we were getting a hotdog, some black guys in a suped Cadillac rode by, and Barack felt confused about his identity.  He didn’t want to be perceived as how the rest of us perceive those men.  A threat, reckless, dangerous.  The insecurities in our population had to be left behind.  Next, Michelle came and took B away.  Apparently she was jealous of my time with him.  I tried to assure her I wasn’t going to take him, but in truth in the dream I was in love with him.  O dear.  So , as they left, Barack’s pants inexplicably fell down, revealing a woman’s thong.  I was flabbergasted. It was weird, even for my dreams.  Funny, the sheik or the ufos weren’t as weird as the depantsing of Barack.  I thought consciously in the dream that I would have to dream-dictionary that tomorrow, but then I changed tactics and asked my Dream what that meant.  The answer (which now seems it was from the sheik) was that he would be challenged for his feminin side The media would call him weak because of it.

So, the next day after the Barack dream, my friend Scott told me on aim chat these words: You have to watch the Daily Show from last night.” Not: it was great, check it out.  Have to, in no uncertain terms.  So, I did and was flabbergasted again.

It was awesome.  There was this one segment in which John Stewart played a clip where a pundit called Barack Obama a diva. Stewart then succinctly said, “That’s not a diva….This is a diva! and played a clip of Cher from her dramatic music video of “If I could turn back time:”



There I was, in my office chair, while John Stewart directly rebutted the attack on Obama’s feminity,  redirecting and difusing the remark with a reference to a PANTSLESS Cher.  That’s right, pantless, woman’s thong wearing Cher, singing about turning back time, doing things right, and reaching the stars.

If I could turn back time
If I could find a way
I’d take back those words that hurt you
And you’d stay
If I could reach the stars
I’d give them all to you

Then you’d love me, love me
Like you used to do”

Affirmation Mania! Here is the Daily Show clip.  I think that ties in well with the optimistic, naturalizing expression that is needed in our collective shift in conciousness.  The more we shift and balance to get comfortable in our seats, the more this Cosmic Car Ride will go smoothly!

Turning back is how the way moves; Weakness is the means the way employs. The myriad creatures in the world are born from Something, and Something from Nothing.” ~ Lao Tzu


MGMT looks in all directions

………….Wow.  As I was writing this post, a new song came on my Ipod, Electric Feel by MGMT.  I liked the part when they say “this is what the world is for, making electricity.” I couldn’t have been prepared for the video as I searched it on youtube.  It has blown me away.

And I’ll tell you why.

Last weekend I had a dream where I was in what I described to a friend as a colony.  There was alot of people and activity around.  I was flirting and kissing with one boy, and then with another.  Then all of a sudden, there was like a “food shortage.”  But it was okay, because the moon was connected to our colony. And there was food in the moon. So, someone approached it, and out poured the “food” from the bottom.  I felt sort of zany telling this to my friend the next day, but I have alot of faith in my dreams having purpose and explanation.   Faith pays off it appears.  The video:

Out pours the food

Out pours the food

Eating the food from the stars.

Eating the food from the stars.

As in this video, all the young people cavort and party in the jungle, “feeling what they feel.”  At the point of my favorite lyrics, they PULL DOWN THE MOON.  AND THEN THEY OPEN IT, and get color/light and food from it. I know personally that the stars and the sky are nourishment for my spirit. This spirit food from above feels personal and profound.

“You can feel it in your mind, you can do it all the time.


Do what you feel now…”

We need each other, male and female. We need a balance of energies, masculine and feminine.



UPDATE! (11/10)

This was the image on the front web page of the NY Times this afternoon, a father kissing his daughters.

Season of Love!

Season of Love

This is the kind of celebration of the feminin that I was hoping and dreaming and knowing.

A reader comment from the Huffington Post.  One of many exalting the joy of this new way to love!

“This is a good looking, loving, caring, touchy-feely family. I love it. I am so proud of them. The way they are with each other and with their kids is how families are.
Thank you, President-Elect Obama, for showing us how a real man treats the woman and children that he loves. You are setting such a fine example. Thank you, First Lady-Elect Obama, for showing us how a real woman treats the man and children that she loves. You are such a fine example.
Thank you both! BTW: Those girls are so secure and so loving. Why? Because they KNOW they are loved and cherished. It makes all the difference.”

Talk about a way-shower….

: )



  1. The forces at play are always more than the personalities. I heard Michael Moore make a balancing comment on the radio yesterday. B.O. is but the bandage (meaning we must all continue the work of the needed healing…

  2. Because of your moon-dream, and the part of your blog, where you wrote about the moon, I thought you’d like these lyrics,
    from Joan Osborne’s latest album,

    Little Wild One – Album


    Daddy-o, daddy-o when I close my eyes

    There’s a cyclone there and I want to rise

    An electric train to a long lost world

    To the land of a thousand dancing girls

    Come to me, my daddy-o

    Take me where I wanna go

    To the world I left behind

    Down the Coney Island line

    Oh daddy-o, daddy-o

    Daddy tell me the tale that the captain told

    When the lightning flashed and the thunder rolled

    We will all quite safe, we will be there soon

    We will all have fun when we reach the moon

    Come to me, my daddy-o

    Take me where I wanna go

    To the moon I left behind

    Down the Coney Island line

    Oh daddy-o, daddy-o

    Daddy-o, daddy-o, can you make me feel

    Like the way I did on the Wonder Wheel

    Can you love me now as you loved me then

    Can I dream that parachute dream again

    Come to me, my daddy-o

    Take me where I wanna go

    To the dream I left behind

    Down the Coney Island line

    Come to me, my daddy-o

    Take me where I want to go

    To the world I left behind

    Coney Island line of the mind

    Oh daddy-o, daddy-o

    Oh daddy-o, daddy-o

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