Posted by: cosmicalphabet | October 22, 2008

Oct 14th: Even if you can’t see us…

Even if you can’t see us….We are HERE!

We are HERE!

Horton has faith in the Whos he can communicate with, even though his forest friends ridicule him for believing in something that they are unable to see and hear.  It is not even their presence so much that is important,  but rather the faith he has in His Self, his innate knowing, and his sense of the invisible as valuable, transcendent, and instructive.

Seeing the invisible in the world of visible is inherent in the work of symbols, synchs, and self.

The moment I decided to post this, a book appears in front of me with wisdom to add to my inferences.  It is an essay about a play by Ms. George Elliot, called ‘The Lifted Veil.’  Indeed.  I find these words, despite their specific context, are relevant in this larger landscape…

“…the massiveness of the object world – indeed of matter itself – now shimmers like a mirage”

This encapsulates the effect of synchromysticism, the gaze which sees things in an appropriate and beautiful landscape of matrix-like illusion.  I was helpfully informed though, that despite the “fakeness” of physicality, its expression can be a mastery, if understood, not feared, and directed.  We do not stop admiring this density simply because there is a veil of eyes that keeps us from seeing all that which we are a part of.

“There is readable, therefore, a certain vibration, a waving or shimmering, perhaps itself analogous to the flickering of light in cinematic projection, within and as a part of the structure of representation.”

This metaphor holds for the larger imagery I describe.  The cinema screen upon which we play flickers in front of our eyes.  This virtual reality is a beauty of projection, and held within each element is the understanding of intrinsic significance.

I was pondering to myself yesterday a logic quandary.  That is, in this field of UFOs and spiritualism, there seems to be an intense, virulent argument against and for what is “real” and what is “fake.”  Well, this strikes me as hilariously funny.   For if you exist in a place where you believe you can honestly say that something is Illusion, a UFO or a god, then you have already openly acknowledged that Illusion exists!  Therefore if illusion exists, as the Buddha says, we can endeavor to see where what is Real lives.  We can seek the Self in All.   And then the Game can be a game, and we need not worry about what our parents say or our how our bank accounts blaze or dim.

“What is pertinent here is that the commentary registers the disturbance of the field of vision by something which one ‘sees.’ We see the invisible within the visible.  Caused by that which affects the visible, it is the trace of something else, something which cannot be seen, as such. The perception of the real is troubled and destabilized from within the visual itself and yet by something other than what is or can be seen.  The certainty of the temporal moment is unseated.

Derrida continues on this remark:

The visible, he writes, has an invisible inner framework (membrure), and the invisible is the secret counterpart of the visible, it appears only within it…it is inscribed within it.

The invisible then becomes more “real” than the visible.


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