Posted by: cosmicalphabet | October 10, 2008

Rusty the KK Master

When I saw these photos of the young princess in King Koopa’s tower, which is also the World Trade Center towers in the Mario Bros movie…posted on The Blob’s page, I noticed an odd but awesome sync to one I took myself recently.

WTC windows of K, ok?!

K, ok?!

KK World Trade towers

KK World Trade towers

Rusty the KK master

Rusty the KK master!!!

Which I took while my friends and I were visiting Tallahassee and goofing around in an Art Park a few weeks ago:

Art Park

Now, it would only be an ordinary coincidence, except for the awesomeness that is my friend Rusty, and how exactly he is a K2 master!  First of all, see my post Triangle Circle to see how awesome he is.  That’s him the pic with me, and we’re opening a StarGate together.  *Gush* He’s the best.  : )

But here’s the real story.

I met Rusty synchificantly at a time in my life when I was recovering from a relationship breakup/karmic resolution/initiation drama.  K is for Karma!  and I’ll tell you why!  I met him in a cafe, thru a friend almost accidentally, but we hit it off and now we are like best buddies.  So, he has this other good friend Kris, and all I knew was that Kris used to be married once, and he also met Rusty when he was getting divorced.  Rusty always seems to be there to help people heal and show them the light!  What I found out about a month ago was that Kris used to be married to this girl Kim who I knew a year ago thru my ex Kenny!  I met them in different ways, but the whole Karmic Kosmic Story fit together.  Rad huh!

Kim and Kris => Rusty saves the day <= Katie and Kenny

Look who’s surrounded by K2!  No friggin joke.  The Universe is magical.


Yes that's a Stargate over our heads

The K2 phenomena is the 11:11 marker, which I believe is the upwelling of Karma into a new synchnificance.

As Blob Kotze puts it:

“The K2/KK/11:11/HH/H/MM (pairs) symbols all seem to be entraining syncromystically with facets of the intimately related 2K (Millennium) and 911 Mega Rituals, while pointing elegantly at its ancient precursors in the Himalayas…”

K2 is also the sacred Himalayan Mountain which Blob Kotze writer synched up for us all very well.  See his posts for more information on that matter.



K2 or 9/11 was the beginning of Star Gate openings in our consciousness.

Kris, Rusty, Katie (me) in perfect friend harmony

Rusty is still the K2 master: Kris, Rusty, Katie (me) in perfect friend harmony


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