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Who does the Pope represent?

Here is what I will start with.

Pope Hat

Pope Hat - Mitre

The Hedjet is the formal name for the White Crown of pharaonic Upper Egypt:

Crown of Egypt

Why does the Pope of the Catholic Church wear the Crown of Egypt???

Is this an attempt to resonate with the Sirian Grid?

Or does this simply represent the bloodlines of the ruling parties descending from ancient Egypt to modern times keeping their tenure and their secrets intact?

Egyptian Pope?

Egyptian Pope?

This image is from the Vatican courtyard.  A giant pine cone: the pineal gland of our third eye, flanked by two Peacocks.

Vatican Courtyard Pine Cone + Ostriches

Vatican Courtyard Pine Cone + Peacocks

When I was growing up in suburban South Florida, a mere handful of miles from the supposed resting place of Atlantis, Bimini, I experienced a symbolic occurrence one day.  Walking home down my suburban street, in the heart of the roiling city, I saw Two Peacocks walking side by side.  They were jolly and gay like a couple holding hands.  It was one of the strangest things I ever saw.

It turned out that a neighbor who liked to collect exotic pets had let them get out of his yard.  This memory came rushing back to me when I saw this photo of the Vatican Courtyard.  When I was there, I didn’t notice this structure.  My friend who was with me could read some Egyptian hieroglyphs and together we examined the sarcophagi inscriptions.  So it was here, in the heart of Vatican City that I first connected with my ancient Egyptian heritage.

The links between Egypt and Rome are clear.

Obelisks - Symbols of Power?  Or INSTRUMENTS...

Obelisks - Symbols of Power? Or INSTRUMENTS...

“The official iconography of the Roman Emperor, strictly defined by Augustus admitted only one exception so that the Emperor could be portrayed as an Egyptian Pharaoh to underline the continuity between the pharaohs and the emperors. In this context Augustus after having defeated Antony and Cleopatra and conquered Egypt in 30 BC brought from Heliopolis to Rome the obelisks dedicated to the Pharaohs Rameses II and Psammetichus II. Other obelisks came from Egypt or were made in Rome in the next three centuries; thirteen of them can still be seen in the streets of Rome.”

Perhaps they wanted to transplant the Egyptian grid to Rome.  Perhaps we need to look deeper into our history and give our ancestors more credit than just being casual art lovers.  Maybe they understood that their Gods of the Sky were real.

The Pliedians tell me that these obelisks were brought in before Zero Point for a specific purpose.  They wanted to attract the forces that were visiting at that time.  The newly established Roman calendar also came into effect during this same time period, and counted down to that point.

However, as we all well know, an event ensued.  A surprise event.  The Christed Energy was brought to the Earth plane, and this overpowered even the most nefarious power plays of the Roman Emperors.

And as we all know, there was an Extra Star in the sky during that period.  Perhaps this was what the Romans were expecting as they looked up.  But the TRUE Sirian Magi who also knew of the “star,” knew of a Higher Purpose.  A new beginning.

Star of Bethlehem...or is it?

Star of Bethlehem...or is it?

There has been alot of talk about a so-called Planet X.  Nibiru. The Pliedians tell me that this is not the first time it has come here.   That we have all covered up the memory of Nibiru and joined it with the Christ story.  That what we call the Star of Bethlehem, is actually Nibiru.

But eventually, I think we will all have to understand the full story, what ever it is.

Possibly as Large as Jupiter; Mystery Heavanly Body Discovered

By Thomas O’Toole, Washington Post Staff Writer

Friday, December 30, 1983 ; Page A1

Is this Planet X???

In this Sumerian glyph, there’s alot more planets than we now count.  What did they see?  What did they know?  And how come that guy sitting down is twice the size of those other dudes???


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