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Those of the Gate of Florida…appended

My place of employment:

The Blue and Orange of the Florida Gators… is there a synchromystic link here?

G 8 = Gate-ors.

G 8 = Gate-ors.

Perhaps we are tapping into our Reptile origins…and together passing through the Gate, making us the Gate-ors.   The green dragons, the green men, joining with the orange and blue isis gate!?

Hmmm, let’s see where this goes.

So, first we have Osiris, the lost companion of Isis…

Osiris.  Green man

Osiris. Green man atop the Orange and Blue Platform?

Blue and Orange

Blue and Orange Kate

Isis resonates with Kate Winslet, wins-let, I believe because as was referenced to me today by The Blob writer, independent thinker and source of great inspiration for many people, Jake Kotze in his new podcast,   Jim Carrey played the Green Man several times.  And it was in the movie above, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MInd, that the Blue and Orange Kate and Green Man Jim travel together thru time….well, basically.  (See the Montauk references in this amazing video by Labyrinth of the Psychonaut:

The themes that Blob wrote about in Green with Synchnificance, I will attempt to build upon and explain thru my own recently acquired information.

(I added that extra wins-let because last night I had a dream in which this boy who apparently I had a crush on was skulking around me.  FInally I asked him to sit down and join me, and he said “I win win.”  I thought that was really weird, even in the dream, until I put together today that win win plural makes ‘wins.’  Wins-let, like Scar-let, or Ham-let, or even Star-let.  Also, when he sat down, I asked him his name and he said “James.”  Soooo, I put that together with this post on James (Jim) Carrey, and Wins-let.  And indeed, I am Wins-let, as my name too is Kate.

Interestingly enough, when I googled ‘Jim James Carrey,’ I got this video of early standup from an earnest young man.

“Maybe I will be….”  Indeed!

Here he mentions the apocalypse laughingly, shedding us of our fears…I think he has gotten after all what he has aimed for…inducting us into the broadening of our ideas through his sincerity.)

So, James played the Green Man as the Riddler, the Mask, and the Grinch.

Green Grinch

Green Grinch

Later he played God:

I interpret these all as common archetypes of the Male Energy manifested as False God.   Now, bear with me…. I was reading this weekend in book 3 of Conversations with God about the creation of the Male God and the Male Satan.  Apparently this occurred after a period of distant human history in which there was peaceful Matriarchal control.  The Male Satan (as Satan is indeed male and not female in our cultural understandings) was created as a fear tactic for power.  He was molded as a devious trickster, which caused men to doubt the validity of the Goddess, thru which women operated.  Thus, a Male God was then created first to champion and protect the Female Goddess from the Male Satan, and then later He came to dominate over all, and demanding all. Becoming as later traditions find, wrathful, jealous, and confusing as hell!  That is the way the book explained it…and I must say, it is logical in its own sort of way.  This is valid especially considering the archeological records of Goddess Worship in the distant past of our world.

Goddess statuette from Catal-huyuk, the oldest known society

Goddess statuette from Catal-huyuk, the oldest recorded society, Middle East

Minoan Snake Goddess, Ancient Greece

Minoan Snake Goddess, Ancient Greece

So, over times the balance between the Female and Male in society switched, just as the roles of the Female and Male Gods switched. 

Matriarchy became Patriarchy, and Goddess became God.

So, not to get on a Goddess tangent, or even to say that one is better than the other, but rather, neither are complete without the other. This history seems to mark the origins of the twisted ideas of Male Dominant and Judgmental God about, and where we lost the cultural understanding of the Loving God, and even Unified God.  Anyway, this got me to thinking that the Masked Man, the Riddler, the Grinch, and the Green Man may be recurring myths that the male energy embodies.  Carrey also plays God in Bruce Almighty.  So we have him walking thru the roles of each of the historic male archetypes, the Green God and the Green Trickster/Satan concoction.   He plays them with sincerity and compassion and a genuis synch wink.

For example, in the Mask movie, the story of the Mask is correlated to the mythological origin of the trickster in the Norse god Loki.  The male God counterpart of Loki was Odin, not dissimilar probably from Egyptian Osiris.

The Male Gods and Tricksters who replaced the female counterparts over time…..

Loki Mask

Loki Mask

Loki was said to be called One of Lies,

Actually a story of redemption thru Truth

Actually a story of redemption thru Truth

Sly One, Shape Shifter….as our the modernly known Reptilian counterparts are called….

…and yet Loki was also a man /god suffering thru snake poison

Loki bound and tormented until the end of time by the poison of the Snake...hmmm..

…Here is David Icke on Shape Shiting…

And most notably, recently…

‘Colbert Report’: McCain Courts the Reptile Vote

(ya..i can only do the link and not the video because wordpress is the suck.  ugh!)

ANYWAY…getting back to the Gods discussion…and what Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, and the University of Florida all have to do with this….

Odin, the one eyed male God

Sooo!  The journey I see being played out by the now sedated Male God Jim Carrey as Joel and the life giving Goddess Isis as Kate as Clementine (a smaller version of the orange) is that they are finally finding that they need eachother’s aspects to have validation in their true self.  So, though they are different, they are attempting to find a peace, and a joining between their incongruous and confusing past, as I believe we all now are as well.  (Most notably, they do this thru play, which I think we can all take lesson from.)  We seek to embody both the aspects of the Feminine, nurturing, life sustaining, intuitive, and the Masculine, creative and logical. I think we need to put our old Gods (and our old definitions of them) to rest, whoever they are, and allow our counterpart aspects of Self join together and achieve a new synthesis of balance and harmony.

So, I believe I am witness to then the symbolic passing of the Green Man through the Blue and Orange Isis Gate, here at the University of Florida.  As Jim Carrey passed thru his circular experience with the orange and blue Miss Winslet in Eternal Sunshine, so must the myths of the past now pass thru the Gate of the Goddess, remaking both of the old into something joined and new. Synchromystically, the main online hub of the Gate/or University is no less than:

ISIS !!!

University of Florida Integrated Student Information System ISIS

Isis Oranges resonating Sunshine State joined with Odin’s single eye, there at Lake Okechobee.

Also, land of Vortex spinning Hurricanes and Lightning of the Gods! of the Gods?

Yes, but what kind of Gods?

Are we really all alone in this giant cosmic meaningful universe?

Are we really all alone in this giant cosmic meaningful universe?



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  2. Nice post. G8tors, James, Isis!
    i like your synthesis of the female/male deal.
    it sounds and feels right.

    take care


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