Posted by: cosmicalphabet | September 26, 2008


What is Eternal?

What is Eternal?

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  This movie of many lessons teaches us that ignorance is NOT bliss, and ultimately THE TRUTH WILL OUT!

However, upon reviewing this feature recently, I saw it as a fantastic example of the opportunity of Karma!

I think Karma is misunderstood.  And as I now feel, Karma is what you begin with, and what you do with that Karmic baggage is up to you.  So if two people with absolutely no conscious memory of each other find their way to each other, you may have had a karmic past.  It may be that you were lover, mother, father, child, enemy, killer, best friend, or whatever.  There is a story, an emotion that draws you to each other.  And then as humans, we try to figure out what we want/need from each other because we are like that.  Perhaps all we can give each other is peace, respect, or to learn how to let go of something.

After Clementine (which means forgiveness, and is naturally a hybrid between states) and Joel (which means the Lord is God)  erase their memories of each other, they still find their ways back to each other the very next morning.  As they are reborn anew, we too cannot remember each other, but perhaps there is a place where we meet someone that we arranged it to be so, whether its a class, a city, a cafe, a bus, or a snowy beach!

the illusion of opposties?

Snowy Beach: the illusion of opposites?

Perhaps we can make something beautiful together, or perhaps we need to resolve an old cycle.  We meet in that cycle, and choose to either continue with what we did before, or try something new! This agreement to come together, cosmically, to try and do it is how we plan out our existences.  There are plans within plans, but in the As Above So Below understanding of SynchroMystism, our relationships matter because we act out the Drama of the Gods.  So we can Inspire Them!  Here we can break from the known into the unknown.  We can build and create solutions on the Micro, which sends information to all levels of the Macro.

The wheel of karma is the old relationship

The opportunity lies in the power of the human spirit to design something new, based out of love, not fear.  Hope, wonder, and responsibility.

What will come of this human game I ask you?

What will we choose?

Love?  Forgiveness?


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