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Triangle Circle…

triangle circle smile

triangle circle smile



Yes.  Here we have a picture of my friend Rusty and I, hanging out on a seemingly random Friday evening.    Look closely.  Triangle with a circle atop. Yes, that’s right.  I have never seen anything like this before.  Actually, no that’s not true.  I have. Just not floating above my head in a picture. See my web album here for more.

So, I believe this to be a Stargate symbol.  Let me explain….  Or rather, let me show.

Stargate Symbol

Stargate Symbol

That image above actually comes from the Television show Stargate.  However, I believe this same symbol from the movie and the TV series is true too in real life!  Let me back track a bit.

Last October/November, my coworker Chris and I were getting into the concept of Remote Viewing.  Basically, Remote Viewing uses consciousness to view far away targets, whether it is across the room or across the planet.  I read about this in a book called “Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness” in which the founder of a Pentagon program for Remote Viewing in the 1960s told his story.  Coincidentally, he named the program Project Stargate. The program was so successful at locating Cold War targets abroad that it was mentioned in speeches of then president Ronald Reagan.  Yet with the fall of the Berlin Wall, the program was deemed unnecessary and boxed up.  Then, in 1995 Ted Koppel of Nightline did the first public expose of remote viewing on prime time tv.  That is when the members of this program came forward to tell their tale of infinite consciousness.

The author himself sees the results of this Remote Viewing project to clearly and ultimately imply the reality of a holographic, non-local universe in which we all exist.  It is simply a matter of tapping into it.

What this means is, if any human consciousness, simply by being in a relaxed, practiced, positive state of mind, can see emotional and physical details of a target, regardless of distance, then we simply each are connected to the ALL, and only separated by what we intend to see.   Or, we each have ALL within us.   It is the only way to explain the validity of this.

So, Chris and I tried a few rounds.  One day, Chris drew a picture, and sat at his desk looking at it, while I simply closed my eyes and tried to view it.   Actually, what I did was imagine myself simply popping up in the air and peeking over Chris’ shoulder.  When I did, I saw a triangle, a line, and a circle.   Because of all our research, I interpreted it to mean a rocket ship, though (now I realize hilariously) he intended it to be a lollipop = SYNCH!)  We were pretty pleased with ourselves, but that was only the beginning.

A few weeks later Chris and I go to a Native American Powwow.  The day was beautiful, the singing was uplifting, and I could hear the trees responding to the ancient songs.    It was magical.   Chris and I both feel very connected to Native American tradition.

So, at this time I was reading another book I found syncronistically at my job here at the library.  It was written by an anthropologist,  “Where the Spirits Ride the Wind.”  In it, over several years, she tries to flesh out a scientific understanding of trance research.  She does so by recreating vision journeys with her students and friends with specific poses that she recovers from ancient shamanistic artifacts and poses.  When she “controls the experiment” by studying one pose at a time, she is able to weave together the seeming fantastic narratives that her students report from their trance visions.  Over the years, it seems she inadvertently becomes a shaman.  The more she interacts with the spirit world, the more she comes to respect and understand how it works.  The way she initiates each trance ritual is thru a rattle she acquired from Native American origin.  I was quite eager to start my own trance visions with my friends upon reading this, except I had no rattle.

Well, lo and behold at the Native American powwow, we find rattles.  I end up choosing one with coyote fur and deer hide from out West, because I feel connected to the sacredness of that area.

Now, just to add a bit of a spicy side note to this story, that was the evening that Chris and I first saw UFOs.  But calling them UFOs seems so impersonal and unemotional.  Really to us, it was a remarkable gift!  It happened surprisingly and beautifully at sunset, and it made sense for the sacredness we felt after the powwow.

I also have photos from Hawaii of similar lightships.  Copying and zooming will be helpful.  The light at the top left corner moves in front of Mauna Kea in later shots.

Mauna Kea. observatory. and observers.

Interestingly enough, today I read about the legendary World War 2 pilots who said they chased UFOs.  It was said that they called them “Foo Fighters,” and I wanted to learn the origin of that term.  What I actually found was that they originally called UFOs, “The Light.”

Squadron Leader P. Wells wrote in his flight log of a, ‘Screaming dog-fight with the “light”’. In a 1987 interview we asked Wells if he was aware the American’s were seeing similar phenomena and if he knew of the term ‘foo-fighter’. He replied, ‘…foo-fighters is a new name to me, we always called them “The Light” in the squadrons in which I served in 1943-44’. Other air crew, baffled by the lights which pursued or paced them, rationalised their sightings as evidence of new jets or ‘rockets’ and referred to them in those terms in flight logs and at debriefings.


Anyway, back to my story.  So, the rattle with the coyote hair and deer hide turned out to have more significance than we expected.  It took us about a week, but I suddenly realized that the drawing on the front of the Rattle, which meant ALL ONE TRIBE according to the inscription, was a Circle atop a line atop a Triangle.  It was the same image that Chris decided to draw that day of Remote Viewing practice, and the same image that appears in the photo with me and Rusty. 

I believe it is the star gate, the ascension, the gathering of the tribes into One.

It points upward because as we channel our energy up our chakras, we move into our more spiritual zones.  Our solar heritage….

As I wrote this post, a google search brings me this:

stargate symbol: StarGate Symbol slanted to the right and down a bit implies down to earth aspiration as opposed to the usual way of thinking of aspiration as an upward movement. Nature approaching perfection.

Volcano Stargate?

This could take my story on a whole other tangent….

Richard and His Hourglass Stargate Volcano

Richard and His Hourglass Stargate Volcano

So, I just noticed that I inadvertently created a volcano story here.  First, I posted an image from Mauna Kea in Hawaii, the sacred and quiet volcano where I was visiting one afternoon when I accidentally caught my friends in the sky.  This was after attending a four day conference with the likes of Alex Collier and David Wilcock.

Again, I have repeatedly found myself taking pictures without conciously thinking or knowing why, and found remarkable things in them.  I just want to share.

Also, before I went to Hawaii, Chris had a dream in which we were both floating above the sea and there was a volcano that needed to be taken care of, and I went and tasked myself to that project.  Lightwork stuff I guess.

Likewise, the previous author mentions how the dormant Volcano,

like Devil’s Tower in Close Encounters of the Third Kind,

is a symbol of rebirth, of reawakening.

A volcano is an apex out of the Earth,

and the dormancy expresses an

incompleteness to the work of Nature.

Perhaps we are on the road toward completion then,

as we literally push our awareness upwards.  KA-BOOM!



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