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The Clown…the Joker…the Jackal…the Trickster…K2

In this post I will regale you of the synchronicities of my life and of film life, and continue to show how there is no distinction between Shamanistic ritual and the Hollywood ritual.  All life is the stage, and the line between spectator/writer/actor is like the blending and sharing energies between the Trinity: Father/Spirit/Son.


Trinity Triangle of Harmony
Trinity Triangle of Harmony

Spirit, our synchronicities, our films, friends, our moments and personal stories blend in with the Path of the Creator in beautiful harmony and balance.

A few weeks ago I watched Dark Knight…and it shook me to the core.  The destructive opulence of this film challenged my positive energies…and I wrote about it until I could find a gem of beauty in it.  That gem was the secret love story between the Joker (or the Jackal, Set, as we all know) and the Knight (here the Night with the hidden K).   As Heath himself said in the film, this is what happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force.

Two sides of the SAME COIN
Two sides of the SAME COIN

The “forces” themselves could not bear to destroy the other one, for this was the state of harmony and conflict in which the human finds itself.  Bringing to bear both Light and Dark, or Night and Dark…in the mystery of the pendulum of duality.  They cannot cancel each other out, and so the story continues in our movies until humanity thinks of the only solution: life, and all that entails.   Notably, the only other main character in this film is the coin tossing Two Face, who represents the two sides.  Because as we know, each “opposing side” is merely one part of the whole coin, the Whole being paramount to our understanding here.   Two faces, one just a bit more singed than the other.

What the light reveals and the shadow conceals..

What the light reveals and the shadow conceals..

So, back to the CLOWN.  The Clown is the one who wears masks, plays jokes, and can cross between realities in a mysterious manner.  In Nepalese culture, when a child is perceived to have the talents of a potential shaman, they are then surprised in their home by the village shaman wearing a mask, and if they laugh at the one who wears the mask they will be taken into apprenticeship.  If they cower in fear, they have not the eyes of Truth yet within them.  How shall WE look at the clown then?

Heath or Thoth Ledger next appeared (as I worked thru this) in a dream of mine…  He was wearing what seemed to be ragged Orphan clothes, a black and red striped cap, a tattered jacket and fingerless gloves.  I recalled these details specifically.  However, I drew it all out as if were my recent ex-boyfriend, K.  Yes, I am K and so is he, making us K2.  There is a K2 resonance mountain in my life, but more on that later.  So, K had a weird smile on his face in the dream, and he asked me pointedly, “Why do you give in to me so easily?”  I sort of smiled back helplessly and stumbling on my answer said “because I want to…because I don’t know how to say no…I don’t know.”  Then, something inexplicably happened with him putting pressure and my hands being stuck as he sat in his chair.

I wrote down these vague images, and soon after, things got weirdly and awesomely complex.  First I was reading a blog about the eeriness of Heath Ledger at Konkrete Jungle, where I saw this photo:

Heath Ledge/Cliff/Thoth?
Heath Ledge/Cliff/Thoth?

I jumped out of my seat when I saw this!  That was the boyfriend character archetype I saw in my dream.  The entire outfit matched.  It was awesomely eerie.  Then, the next day, I had an encounter with my ex…in which we were playfully bantering and tickling/flirting/etc…and I was wistfully thinking what might be if only I changed and we could both merge…..until inexplicably he grabbed my wrists and twisted them painfully as he sat in his desk chair.  He held them there until I told him how much he was hurting me.  Finally, he jokingly said he was sorry, (always joking) and I said “you suck” and I walked out.  My emotions were bruised, and the whole powerful dream experience came crashing down on me.  It literally rained on me, and I walked, calm and quiet and completely insular, taking in the whole truth of the experience.  It was a great gift.  Ever since that moment, I have been a changed person. It took that experience to catapult me to a heightened sense of inner love.  It took that amount of being hurt to shake me out of my delusion.  I have had no desire to “give into him” (or that archetype) since.

A few days later, another watershed moment.   I was reviewing the same blog, when all of a sudden I realized that my first boyfriend, from freshman year of college, J, looked alot like Heath Ledger.  Everyone would say so, and I really liked that feature about him.  He was always dark and mysterious, kind of sweet and kind of dangerous, and I always plunged myself into that realm of passionate danger, creating a wave of calm in their storm.   Then I also admitted that every guy I had ever dated has matched this description!  So here I was, staring the face my own Boyfriend Archetype Joker K2 Karmic Synchronator that I needed to face honestly.

SO, we will now see how this correlates between my life and film life and the story of the Planet, as it is all in The Stars.  Heath is the Joker, the Trickster, and in Shamanistic Native American tradition the Trickster is an important element in Ritual.

Trickster Crow
Trickster Crow

Everyone thinks that the Heath Joker is the embodiment of evil.  But that’s not what he is or what makes him so scary.  Its his sheer nature of unpredictability.   He does not create evil, but rather he takes the games you have already been playing and he escalates them, he highlights them, he compounds them upon each other, so that all you can see is what you have allowed to happen.

Likewise, the Trickster in Native American tradition is by its very nature, a force which uses the consistency of inconsistency to take paradigms, to distort and alter, and to change the appearance and nature of things during a time of transition.   That sounds EXACTLY what is going on in this Time of Transition. 

We have a Modern Trickster playing games with us, challenging us, teaching us what we are, and ASKING US WHAT WE WISH TO BE!!

Heath is the Joker Trickster archetype, resonating with the Raven Crow, here being inexplicably attacked by a crow during a bobsled skit on the Ellen Show, right before Sheryl Crow performed!

My experience with the Joker crow is that it pushed me to better know myself.  It hurt a little, but the resulting metamorphosis from this initiation seems to be elevating, and perhaps permanent.

What we have next is Heath as the Hanged Man.  There is a scene in the film where the Joker is about to plunge to his death, but the unstoppable force Bat Man, grabs his leg by a tether and holds him there, dangling by one foot from a skyscraper. Here is the Hanged Man:

HM 2

The Tarot Card explanation of the Hanged Man can be interpreted this way:

Flexibility of mind and a willingness to adapt to changes. Sacrifice in the present to reap benefit in the future. A waiting period. Rebirth. Sacrificing one thing to obtain another. Transformation. Circumstances literally turned on their head.

Aleister Crowley, yes Crow-ley, translates the significance of the card this way: This card, attributed to the letter Mem, represents the element of Water. It would perhaps be better to say that it represents the spiritual function of water in the economy of initiation; it is a baptism which is also a death. In the Aeon of Osiris, this card represented the supreme formula of adeptship; for the figure of the drowned or hanged man has its own special meaning. The legs are crossed so that the right leg forms a right angle with the left leg, and the arms are stretched out at an angle of 60° so as to form an equilateral triangle; this gives the symbol of the Triangle surmounted by the Cross, which represents the descent of the light into the darkness in order to re deem it.

I highlighted the parts that I believe are the most telling.  We have reference to the Water, or the Aquarius symbol, which is the signifier of the Age to which we are all rapidly approaching, where the letter M/W is attributed.  Also, we have reference to the equilateral triangle, of 3 60 degree angles, forming the Trinity, or 666.

Next we have the obvious representation of literally, cosmically, and symbolically turning situations on their head.  A flipping, whether it is of the poles, or society, or our thought structures, or what we believe reality to be and where the ground holds us “down,” its time to turn it all on its head.  Finally, we have the theme of this act: Redemption thru the act of voluntary experience.  Here we have the meaning of love between light and dark.  The Knight goes into darkness to redeem it.  This is the most powerful meaning of all, the one that rings true again and again.  True love indeed.  : )

So, what are we turning on its Head here?  What has changed?  What is ALL THIS CHANGE that everyone keeps talking about?  Well, it did all start with the 9/11 mega ritual, which the movie attracts us back to yet again, reminding us of the illusion that the Joker/Jackal performs:

Tearing the seam of reality
Tearing the seam of reality
The Famous shot that catches us in the millisecond of change in our history that we are undergoing.
The Famous shot that catches us in the millisecond of change in our history that we are undergoing.

Here we have another Hanged Man pose, turning Reality on its head, and catching the attention of the world in this Mega-Ritual.   This “tragedy” was an event that turned the world on its head, as millions of people woke up to see that there was a Trick being played on them, that their leaders were not their masters and their enemies were as fake as all the other puppets.  They woke up after a long sleep.   I woke up.  The illusion that had been perpetuated could work no longer.  We can see now.

So, Heath as Herald brings a new message.  This Death Master has died at least 4 times in movies and once in “real life.” He played Gabriel in Mel Gibson’s (of Sign’s crop circle) The Patriot, a 9/11 resonating film who is lost before the movie ends, before the play ends, and the curtain comes up.   So, here we are, losing Heath/Thoth/Joker before our own curtain comes up, in 2012, and all is revealed.  However, notably, everyone keeps making the connection between him and the Mary-Kate half of the Olsen twin set.  (Interesting to me (because I am a Gemini, and a Kate as well) the Republicans met in the Twin Cities last week. ) Anyhow, we have Gabriel and Mary meeting in secretTo what did the first meeting of Gabriel and Mary portend???  Well, none other than the arrival of the Christed Energy.  The Christ energy is the energy of balance, forgiveness, love, compassion, and upliftment.  It is emotional and it is cleansing, and it can expand what we see and know if we choose.   This is the symbolic heralding of the times.  Mary of the Kate/StarGate.    Gabriel appears to both the Islamic and Christian traditions.  Muhammed and Mary.  MM.  Aquarius.  All things in their own perfect time and meaning.

So, I could continue with the sync-nificance of Heath (the Candy bar/and Candy star) Ledger.  Heath named after Heathcliff, the “doomed” brooding love interest archetype of Wuthering Heights…standing on the Ledge of the Cliff…yea…it goes on and on.  Note:  Wikipedia calls him “doomed.”  It does seem that the ideas and archetypes are due to “meet their judgment” which is what the etymology of the word doom is, and what is happening now.  We are getting the opportunity to Decide For Ourselves what exactly we want to put our energy into!

The original brooding romantic
The original brooding romantic

But briefly I will mention one other thing that brings me back to a dream reference.   The Dark Knight is released on July 18:  the day of the 1984 McDonald’s massacre.  That is interesting because Ronald McDonald (mcduck mccain) is also a clown… and in my same dream of the Heath/exboyfriend dream, I breifly saw an image of a person of political stature (I thought it was Rumsfeld) bursting thru a wall with a sort of robotic manner saying,  “Its RONALD time!!”  Later, I put it together that it was an Arnold Swanzzengger, or as The Blob calls him Christennegger….Kennedy marrying bloodline hungry Hercules.  I saw this because the transposition of the letters also forms the other celebrity govenor of that state: Ronald Reagan.  Both Govenors of California, the energy center of the West.  The McDonalds symbol is M = water = aquarius~~~

Creepy Trickster, no?

Then we have this comment from a blogger: “Ronald McDonald is nothing but creepy, comforting sick kids with one hand, making kids sick with the other” on the dual nature of the fastfood chain symbol who houses sick children. This seems to portend to the dual nature of the inconsistent clown, as described in the Native American tradition, reflecting back at us our own inconsistencies and divisions of behavior.

Will we see ourselves as we truly are in our own mirrors???

Look and see.

Look and see.

Addendum:  Now we have David Blaine becoming the Hanged Man in Man-Aten, the Central Park of the New York, turning Everything on its head…

David Blaine - Hanged Man

David Blaine - Hanged Man

Also, while clicking on my TV a few nights ago, I saw the Brothers Grimm (mm-water aquarius) on 2 different channels!  This double double was quite interesting.  When i first see it, Heath is shouting to fling himself on a catapult “to the gates of hell!”  His brother (Damon/Damien/Daemon) is trying to convince him “its suicide!”  However, he relents and Heath ends up in an enchanted castle where he collides with his own image in a mirror, is lost in its illusion, and is attacked by crows, marked by them as it were.   However, Heath is earnestly correct in a few things, in that he compels his brother to believe that:

“The Story is Real!  The Story is Alive!  And we are In It!

….And we can make it a Happy Ending!!”

Perhaps it is as Will Smith suggests by his “I am Legend” title.  I am.  Like the Bible says.  And the Lego- is the making (in Latin)….of the End.  I am the Making of the End. How shall we make ours?  I do hope happy indeed.  ; )

Let's crack that Egg Shell



  1. I’ve been enjoying your blog – many wonderful insights and synchs. “Lego my Eggo” used to be a TV commercial, probably means “let go my ego”.

    I see you are in hawaii, which has been much on my mind lately.

    Cheers, Michel

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