Posted by: cosmicalphabet | September 11, 2008

The Recipe of Why

I just had lunch with a friend, and I got the usual questions: “so how have things been, how are you?”  To which I respond, as it is true, “really, really good.”   To which he follows, “well, why? what’s been going on that makes you happy?”  It seems at first like a logical, obvious question, to which for some reason, I was unable to select a response.

This slightly unsettled my confidence in feeling so nestled in happiness, what with having to retrace  circumstantially how I arrived at my present destination.  As we chewed our pizza pie, I realized how unsettled I am by these types of interrogations, this need of justifications for things.  These people make me nervous.  I tried to keep my energy strong and stable and joyful, and that brought me to here, with this epiphany: there is no why.

I realized that the true nature of happiness and joy is that it needs no Reason from the Outside.  Somehow I have always known this, which is why I never felt drawn into drama, but rather felt more like an observer always.  In effect, True Happiness exists for itself alone.  I wake up every morning (starting the past few weeks) feeling very happy simply to be myself, and that is my joy.  Knowing one’s self and making the connection to one’s truth is essential to this process.  And it can be without name.  Its just reestablishing the secret umbilical cord of love to the universe.  Then you know you need nothing.  You already have everything you could ever want or need.  That is joy.

So, you can either chase your tail around, looking for happiness outside of yourself or give up, and simply let go of those things that you keep held in front of your eyes that are separate from your self.  Let your fingers relax and see the it all that you have been gripping so painfully and tightly for so many years simply slip…slip…out of your fingers.  And you are weightless and joyful and infinite.

Simmer. Stir.

Spiral Staircase Umbilical Cord to the Universe

Spiral Umbilical Cord to the Universe


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