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What I tell you three times is true

Hello Again to my Blog that no one reads but me!  That’s okay. I am liking it as a collection zone for all of my experiences and observations that weave in and out of each other again and again.  It creates a beautiful tapestry, and the fabric extends to each and all…

So, on Sunday, I woke up early in the morning, eagerly watched some episodes of this odd new attraction of mine: Gossip Girl.

Art cannot be rushed

GG and the third wall...

And then, a strange thing happened: my computer turned itself off.  Twice.  It just shut down.  (Note: It hasn’t given me any trouble since or before like that).  Dutifully, I put it on the ground, and sat up in my bed, and proceeded to have the most beautiful meditation experience yet.  My breath was the breath of the universe, and I could feel myself stretch out into the universe, melting and molding with the gentle beauty abounding. Extending toward the thought of Harmony and Unity, and feeling the Grace with which it is held for us, as we are in it, yet forgetting, all the time.    I held this thought for awhile.  I felt within and without myself all at once, and forever.

I laughed and realized this is what my higher self had in mind.  Then I called Marti to see if she wanted to have brunch (another urge).  She and Rachel were walking her dog to the dog park.  As soon as I open the door, I see they are wearing matching blue stripe shirts. This apparent “accident” reminds me of the two times my computer switched off, the pair, the gemini…  Anyhow, we get to the park, and there is a story to behold.  A big Doberman and a little wiener dog (the macro and the micro) are the only ones there.  Their owners are all a fluster as it is a surprise reunion of sorts.  Apparently, the big one and the little one grew up together, but due to a broken relationship, they were separated and the lady who adopted the little dog hada no idea of her background.  She only knew her name, Lily.  Today, they meet again in the dog park on the 7th.  I knew that was synchificant, but didn’t know how yet….

I remembered the name Lily from Gossip Girl that morning.  She was the mother who was being courted by a rich gentleman.  He was finally “getting serious about her.”

Later that day, at the potluck, Maria and Kimball are telling me about this wonderful person who does Reiki named, you guessed it, Lily.  And the whole time I had this question in my head about chakras and knowing I had talent as an energetic healer, I just haven’t managed it properly yet.

So, 3 Synchronicities.  “What I tell you 3 times is true” said the book title/synch message three weeks ago.

Lily of the water

Lily of the water

What does this all mean?

Well, I’ll tell you.  The next day I am waiting for my lunch buddy to show up, and I crack open the new big red P book.  I start reading, and this little voice in my head says “just keeeep reading.” I turn the page, and there is this section which says:

“The 8th chakra is located twelve inches to three feet above the body and is linked with the lily. This trumpet-like portal is a transducer of energy for the other cosmic chakras, stepping down light frequencies and funneling this knowledge into the many layers of the physical and non-physical aspects of the body.  Essentially it establishes the non-physical link for an identity that is larger than the boundaries of the physical form.”

By the way, i just realized that one of the images I had in my copious dreams last night was a girl with a trumpet who had to bend around in wierd directions to get her instrument to play.  And in the dream I thought, “its so funny but that’s what you just have to do.”

Anywho, I also realized that lately, to comfort myself, I have taken to visualizing myself floating above myself, hugging or stroking my face and arms.  This works every time and immediatly I feel bountiful love surrounding me, in me.   Its fab.  Try it!

Sooooo, I am making that commitment to Lily, my 8th chakra, opening up to her, to myself, and connecting this physical and nonphysical.  Which is why, lately, I have not felt the desires and pains that i once did.  I do not long for certain satisfactions, certain circumstances to be fulfilled, but rather, I sit in existence in a remarkably detached and whole way, filling out myself and yet extending beyond merely the physical.  It has been beautiful, and it is of that which knows and lasts.

(And as for the third blue-striped shirt, he just walked past my window here as I blog this…)

What I think about the blue striped shirt thing is this:  I wore that as a pirate costume in 2006 (and it is October again soon) for Halloween…..and over the past weekend, during a cosmic game of Apples to Apples, Manda decided that “Pirates trumps Ninjas.”  Meaning there has been an unsolvable battle between the two forces, and either that or a hybrid Pirate-Ninja or Ninja-Pirate would be the only solution, according to Manda.

pirate and the scientist

pirate and the scientist

YAR- I even made a Pirate Ship pumpkin

YAR- I even made a Pirate Ship pumpkin!!

And then lately, I have been grappling with this Pan/Kermit/Frog motif that keeps popping up, or “bouncing around.”   There is Pan the goat god of the forests, there is the Pan that represents ALL, as in Pan-Asia…etc.  And then there is Peter Pan! Who forever battles against the Pirate.   Meanwhile, Syncher Scott links me this article about the Peter Pan complex failing men, and how they want to settle down, etc.  I am dealing constantly in my life with these boys I am attracted to/wish to tame who are totally the Peter Pan types.  So, am I the Pirate??? If so, then my lady friends are also the Pirate as well?  Taming our Pans?  Or maybe I WAS the pirate….hrmmm…and I’m shedding my identity baggage.

I did have a dream recently where the only image I can recall was a hook…. and me opening and closing this bending hook….

Banning? Pan?  How do you not remember who you are???

Banning? Pan? How do you not remember who you are???

And here we have another SS, Stephen Spielberg movie, mythical, but non-fictional, telling us about the battle of knowing our True Selves.  The Pirate and the Pan.  PP.  The marriage of the pair.  Dustin Hoffman, who teaches us about The One in HH (Heart Huck-a-bees)  Heart/Hook/Bees:

Bernard and the Blanket and Bees (BBB)

Bernard and the Blanket and Bees (BBB)

The BBB motif means BBB in the Moment.  I was driving on the highway, and I saw a synch with three words that start with Bs.  I knew it was a wink, so I kept my eyes open.  That night I had a dream that my friend Adrian was going to contact me shortly after 10am.  He did and his status message was “Bears, Beets, Battlestar Gallactica (another sync)”  and then when I griped about not being able to go out West with him, he said:

“You can only worry about the Now and not what might have been”

(that statement with “the now” is very uncharacteristic adrian,

but beautiful in its wisdom and exactly what I needed to hear)

Seeing Nothing and Everything

The fool looks at the hand that points at the sky...

Now, we have Bernard of the Bees putting his student into a Body Bag.  Just as the clown, Heath, found himself in a body bag, seeing everything and nothing I suppose…  Interesting sync there.  You can see nothing in the dark, but you can also see everything in the light.  The “trick” is to realize that you see more, once you turn the Light On!



  1. O man. See my previous blog below for “LILLY’s LAW”

    That is when I first began to feel this way. And I found that…synchromistically.


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