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The Cosmic Cube and the SS (appended)

What is the nature of the SS? What does this double letter mean?

What is the Cosmic Cube a signifier of?

Here is the Sysco Corporation symbol:

Sysco and the Eye

Sysco and the Eye

Here is Mecca:



Here is a Crop Circle of the Cosmic Cube:

Crop Circle/Cube

Crop Circle/Cube

And here is the Cosmic Cube in Shia’s hands…the myth is moving….the myth is.

Holding the Cosmic Cube

Holding the Cosmic Cube

“A Cosmic Cube is (usually, but not always) a cube-shaped matrix that holds vast energies that are responsive to the wills of sentient beings. A sentient being can use a Cosmic Cube to manifest its thoughts as reality, and thus to accomplish virtually anything it desires. Eventually, a Cosmic Cube will evolve and develop its own sentience, which is influenced by the minds of the sentient beings which have wielded it.”

–From a Wiki page on a Marvel Comics reference.

Then, there’s this:


Here is an idea from stillwalking82

Another interesting correlation is in regards to the bolt/Aquarius water symbol and the “SS” badges of the Nazis (turned on it’s side of course to augment the true meaning.) Maybe the universe emanates a neutral consciousness that when observed conjures all manner of dualities to emerge. By this logic, the Aquarian stimulus might be as much a bearer of enlightenment and peace as it would bear a reciprocal ignorance and chaos.

Yesterday I was visualizing a spinning cube. Today, I see this:

NOW (September 15th)

I was able to put together some insights regarding the cosmic cube.  First of all, let us notice that we have Shia holding a cube above, and Mecca, the holy site of also, the Shia.  Symbols large and “small.”  Amazing.

Since I had previously been informed that a square or cube was simply a seemingly inefficient means of energy expression, I thought that all of our square houses and buildings on this planet had “negative” or unhelpful significance.  But it may rather be that things are not what they seem…

So there are the Mecca cube and the Shia cube (yes.  Both are an actor/star and a Muslim sect). These references I found wouldn’t let me dismiss the significance of the cube.  But what importance could it contain?

Now, I think I may have stumbled upon some of the significance of the cosmic cube this weekend.  While reading this book, The Council of the Seven Lights which is a channeling from the 1950s that I was put on to by David Wilcock, he speaks of the nature of space as interwoven cubes at rest.

Here are some quoted sections near page 13:
“Mind cannot give off energy; it can only direct the flow and action of energy.  Universal Mind permeates all things.  Each person uses the Mind of God according to his or ability to get into It deeper. All things that are, or ever will be, already exist in Universal Mind.  None can penetrate into the Universal Mind beyond their own acquired ability.  On the other hand, God cannot do more for you than you are capable of doing for yourself by directing the Universal Mind.  When scientists discover that the core of the proton in an atom is square, then they will realize that the body in the Sun is also square.

Space is composed of balanced cubes of Intelligence at rest.

All unbalanced, positive bodies are emitting light.

All unbalanced, negative bodies are absorbing light.

Cubes are unbalanced, positive bodies.  Negative bodies are unbalanced spheres.  Each can contain, or be a part of the other, as long as one polarity is predominant. The predominant polarity will determine whether the object is spherical or cubical in shape.”

Pretty amazing stuff.  So, if we don’t take the word negative and positive here to mean good and bad but rather differences in expression, then we can work with a scientific and spiritual understanding of matter that is both obvious and hidden.

This new information makes the images above seem more relevant and potent than before.  Let’s go with that feeling.

That which is expressed and contained

That which is expressed and contained

Alchemy Cube Cube:
The cube represents the earth in Pythagorean, Indian, and Platonic traditions. In Egypt, the Pharaoh is often depicted sitting on a cubic throne. In India, many statues of deities are shown standing on a cube – one under each foot. It is understood as a building block of all simple matter – and it is also understood that within it supernatural possibilities abound. Therefore cube represents the earth from which the spiritual king comes forth.


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