Posted by: cosmicalphabet | August 21, 2008

Magic forcefields of love and animals

Deer Power

Deer Power

So, I have began to develop what could be called “magic powers.” In truth, they are only an expression of harmony. The discord of pedestrian human existence ignores these options, choosing instead noise and hurry. But, when the shaman inside opens up his or her emotional centers, balances one’s mind and heart, and speaks to the Mother Earth, beauty is learned.

Speak to the rain, the ants, the trees. Your family is around you. Breathe in and let the light fill you, again and again. Grow more lighter and lighter.

So, I tried this in Hawaii. I was greeted by a turtle messenger. I thanked him/her. It was more beautiful than I can describe. I spoke to the horses in my heart, and they turned away from their hay toward me, curious. Most recently, in Kentucky, I awoke one morning from my campsite, and found myself walking towards some deer. I planted my feet, and sent heart waves through my body, speaking a greeting to the Earth. Instead of running away, they looked at me and came as close as they dared, seeming to forget my “humanness” for a second. A buck came out of the woods, and then some more deer, peering in my direction. When I breathed love, I could hear them listening. I felt where they communicated. Where the human usually does not see. A family parked nearby, and i tried this emotional inner greeting toward them, but it seemed to fall flat on their forcefield of non-emotion.

I see great things for the humans and the animals. A place of harmony already exists for us. It is here. It is now. Eden is here. All we have to do is wake up to it, perceive it, open our minds and hearts. I see us talking and loving on the peaceful path, gently. And its beautiful. : )

Forcefield o Love!

Forcefield o' Love!

Now for the positive forcefields. This came up, like all insights, through a surprise. It has happened twice now. At particular times, when I really tune into love and imagine myself in a growing bubble of light…by a matter of chance I had two different circumstances where a friend of mine will be playfighting with me and throw something at me. Both times it careened off in a completely different direction. And we have looked at each other with a sort of puzzlement, me with a joyful sense of wonder. : )

Be Love

Be Love


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