Posted by: cosmicalphabet | August 21, 2008

Hopi Economics

Hopi Woman

Hopi Woman

“In our own culture, an activity is considered to be economic when it deals with effective utilization or exploitation of resources. But this definition cannot be used when speaking of Hopi Economics. To begin with, it assumes an aggressive attitude toward the environment. It describes the situation of the Homesteader in Alaska, for example, who works against tremendous odds clearing land for a dairy farm, against the inexorable pressure of time, against hostile elements. By his sweat, and through ingenuity and know-how and the use of brutally effective tools, he tames nature; he subjugates the land to the utmost.”

“The Hopi Talayesua, however, describing his work on the land, does not see himself in opposition to it. He works with the elements, not against them. He helps the corn to grow; he cooperates with the thunderstorm and the pollen and the sun. He is in harmony with the elements, not in conflict; and he does not set out to conquer an opponent. He depends on the corn, but this is a part of a mutual interdependence; it is not exploitation. The corn depends on him too. It cannot grow without his help; it finds life dull and lonely without his company and ceremonials. So it gives its body for his food gladly, and enjoys living with him in his granary. The Hopi has a personal relationship with it. He treats it with respect, and houses it with the care and courtesy and accorded to an honored guest.” (Lehmann, “Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion”)

The white man cannot earn the respect of that which he himself does not respect and love.

What the Hopi see.  What we could see.

What the Hopi see. What we could see.

Now I am going to add a bit of a personal and funny synchronistic side note.  I woke up the other morning with a very sacred feeling, and the way it translated in my mind was that it felt like Jesus was talking to me, and he said, “I am in all things.”  I haven’t felt like Jesus was talking to me since I was like 12 years old, or at least I haven’t phrased it that way.  Either way, it is very special to me.   It was like a way to experience the oneness of all things from a warm and safe place, and yet it came from inside of me.  That would make sense if the Christ Energy is in all things.

Anyway, after writing this corn/Hopi piece, which popped out at me from a book, given to me by my synchronistic facilitators Ryan and Natalie, I found this picture online, by one of my favorite comics Natalie Dee, with a corn ear ironically saying “I am in Everything.”  True, corn is.  And so is the sacred.  Both are in all things, aren’t they.  : )

Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold/Maize God?


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