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Edgar Mitchell, the noosphere, and Oz

This is a letter I wrote to a friend about some of these topics. Enjoy!

I definitely think that the Ed Mitchell announcement is big. Big. I mean, he’s an astronaut. He went farther into space than any of us, and if he says that his bosses and his organization has been espousing a coverup, then its seems rather likely. Its his area of expertise! Its like the chef telling you when the omelet is done, or the barber knowing how to cut layers. But more dramatic.

Man on the Moon

Man on the Moon

I myself am so used to knowing this that of course it doesn’t shock me anymore, and I’m beginning to think other people are reacting the same way. I think this kind of information has become so embedded in the background of our minds, that when we hear it, we don’t really react. Programming? I don’t know. It could also be so many people are aware of the plausibility of conspiracy after 9/11 and Roswell, that they are just comfortable with it.

What I do think though, is that Disclosure is trying to get a step ahead of The Plan. What Stephen Greer talks about in his research is that very same thing you touched on, the concept of staged invasion for world take over purposes. He has uncovered this through the years interviewing Black World people. But he has gotten it to the point where half of them, once they realized what was going on, don’t want to let it happen anymore. The last I read, it was deadlock. Half of them trying to keep the other half at bay. I still think it’s a possibility. But I have a lot of faith in the process of Disclosure. I see it, the Project Camelot, all the people making blogs and movies and putting the pieces together, as Our Side of it. The Light’s secret plan to pull the rug from under the feet of plan Darkness in the last few hours. (plans within plans within plans, as the P’s say) Because once the Dark has lost the power of Illusion/deception, the fear they dangle in front of our eyes, once we can see through them, then they have nothing over us.

I read somewhere recently the idea that the Inter-webs was the arrival of the noosphere, the mechanism that would make noogenesis possible. Well, then I had to look those two words up:

The term “noogenesis” was coined by the Christian mystic, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. It means the growth or development of consciousness–the coming into being of the “noosphere.” Noosphere is defined as the sphere or stage of evolutionary development characterized by (the emergence or dominance of) consciousness, the mind, and interpersonal relationships

I really really agree with that. I also agree that the Inter-webs are also only the physical mechanism that is allowing more of our work of Disclosure and Education to happen.

I want to share something that happened last week. I was at an outdoor café at night in my town, with my new roommate, an obvious wanderer, who is very interested in all of this. (I had requested of the Universe that my next roommate be such) At one point, I was reading about how we will soon learn how corrupt and depraved our world leaders are, and the darkness they puppet for. And then hopefully what will follow will be healing of some sort. They speak very vague, they meaning the Ps, but as I read this I began to wonder about the Lucifer Project and things of that nature, and what if that happens and all…and as I did, feeling this sadness, I looked up, and there was the star-like UFO I had seen before, right in my line of sight, then it disappeared. I took that as a sign of reassurance. I try to look at things outside of 3D. As in, they planned to show that to me at that moment, to prevent me from worrying. I imagine if they hadn’t shown it to me, I would have spent a long time worrying and letting the worst possibilities come to mind. However, because they did, I remembered my best thoughts, and my friends, on the ground and in the sky, and remembering them, I felt the largeness of what I am a part of.

This makes me think again of 9/11, and William Rodriguez. I know my mom and aunts are wanderers, because when I talk about him, they get the “shaman shivers,” which they don’t yet understand. 9/11 was an event crafted by darkness. However, not only. As the Ps tried to explain to me on my way back from Hawaii, if the darkness wasn’t chasing us, we wouldn’t choose to evolve so quickly. I see, (esp thru the help of the blog The Brave New World Order), 9/11 as a moment of cosmic revelation. It is what started me on this journey. Purely. And it was the same for many, many others. It was when Oz revealed himself from behind the curtain. And when that happened, in the midst of all the catastrophe, there was William Rodriguez, who had spent decades cleaning the stairs of the World Trade Center, and because of that, when he injured himself and sued the company, he got one of the Master Keys. He still has this key, and it was this key that he used to save hundreds of people from the towers by unlocking the doors. He was the last one out of the towers. And he has dedicated the rest of his life to the Truth about that day. So, to me, he is the perfect example of the way Light works. Hidden where you least expect it, as a janitor, though perfectly poised and readied through a series of events to be in a position to help others and to give others courage for Truth when the Darkness would cast its shadows. Frankly, I think its because of him that we have a legitimate 9/11 Truth movement.

oz meets dorothy

oz meets dorothy

So, when I think of all that, and the plans of the side of Dark, the fear and confusion, I think of us. I think of the noosphere. The internet. The courageous and intelligent people who trust their own ideas and experiences, who put the pieces together for other people to learn. Because more and more people are wanting to learn. And so I have faith in the Disclosure Project, of which I feel Edgar Mitchell was prompted by.

As for holographic technology and the nature of these UFOs, I think you are correct. The ones I caught on camera in the desert of Utah few years ago I definitely think are Black World material. Those pictures matched William Cooper’s. The ones I have seen at significant moments are as light, pure brilliant light. I believe they are higher dimensional vehicles.

I had this dream a while ago in which my car apparently was a Model T Ford, a crank operated jalopy. I recalled saying in the dream, “the older the better.” Something about antiques being great. Then I read in a P book about how to them, the ships we see are their oldest ships, rusty antiques. They use them for physical travel since they are the only ones that can be spared and because its just to “move us around,” because we don’t like to be “beamed up.” J

To me, a synchronicity that comes first from myself and then outside myself is pretty strong affirmation. So, I think the nature of the ships varies, though I think you are right in assuming that the higher dimensional ones would be less inclined to show themselves, because that might violate some kind of dimensional protocol. It is important to remember that to those “playing by the rules,” we are in a Free Will zone, and so they must respect that. They cannot just up and appear and demand that we acknowledge the existence of more life and dimensions and shatter our illusions because that would violate our free will. However, if we can reach out to them, through their guidance and our own work, then we can meet in the middle.

The other day, Friday night, my coworker and I (independently of each other) both slept about 16 hours. Usually, when I sleep that long, I assume I am doing my work in other places. Often I will wake up and feel like I’ve been gone for ten years, and really far away. I know he is a lightworker too, so I began to suspect that we were engaged in some kind of work regarding the outing of the conspiracy by Edgar Micthell, and what kind of probabilities that revelation set into motion. Later I channeled something about an important meeting, and Chris and I being in attendance.

I think you may be right that things are beginning to be “stepped up.” I am really, really, really feeling that personally. Not as urgency, as much as Readiness.

Also, regarding holographic technology, I think that is something really big and really possible. That is what the Ps told us from day one the illusion would be made of. Apparently there’s something on the internet about 9/11 being a holographic projection, meaning there were no planes, but holograms attached to missiles. Major Whoa.

I read something about that too on Project Blue Beam…

Wow. If you made it to the end of this email. KUDOS!~

Sorry I was so long winded. When I get to talking though, I’m like an old man….ramble ramble ramble.

PS: Meditation should be free. Find some good people. Seek recommendations from friends. Have fun and be joyous! It is finding the everburninglightinside that makes it so helpful.


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