Posted by: cosmicalphabet | July 11, 2008

Underground Bases

The missing link from the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory.

When someone watches Loose Change or Zeitgeist, they come to the conclusion of some deep tragedy, some terrible ruse. The truth of 9/11 leads to an inevitable identity crisis. What can I believe? And who?

If it was concocted, then by whom??
And if those were drone planes, then what happened to the real ones and all the passengers on them??

My vote: what I have learned that is loosely called “The Black World” or “The Black Government.”

This organization is highly advanced, loose, secretive, international, and misunderstood…
But it is also Real. Very very real. And what we saw on 9/11 was the BG loosening the veil between illusion and truth.

So, where does this organization exist???
Well, Phil Schnieder, whose father was a Nazi scientist brought over to work for the Black Government during Project Paperclip days, became a whistle blower of the reality of the Black Government. He was a geologist who helped make some of these underground bases. His courage led to his death, soon after he gave this speech. The Truth is on the scaffold, the Wrong on the throne.


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