Posted by: cosmicalphabet | July 11, 2008

The work of Stephen Greer

Okay, I’m gonna go back to the basics.

For those interested in the beginning of a fuller truth, inevitably you must engage in the discussion of Other Beings. This information was insatiably curious to me, and so i will start introducing some of what started me.

The Disclosure Project

Here we have former government officials speaking to their interaction with the phenomena known as UFOs. They mention such facts as:
More than 50 species have been cataloged (alien species).
Nuclear missiles at certain points have been completely disabled by a UFO presence.
NASA has been erasing ET presence from their photos for at least 3 decades. This includes bases on the moon.
The secrecy surrounding this issue is enforced through the chain of command and direct threat.

The people in this video and their stories are an eye-opening start to understanding the complex nature of the history of ET presence on this planet. Now is the time to understand what these people have the courage to explain.

If you want a fuller idea of who Doctor Stephen Greer is, I recommend his book Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge.

Here are some links to interviews with him:


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