Posted by: cosmicalphabet | July 11, 2008

Concepts of the Sacred

A native group in Mexico, known as the Huichol, understand the notion of “sacred” this way:

“The Huichol notion of the sacred is difficult for a Westerner to grasp.

It seems to embrace above all the concept of attaining wholeness and harmony. To be in accord with one another, with oneself, with one’s customs – this is the state of being a proper Huichol and it is sacred. It is a dynamic condition of balance in which opposites exist without neutralizing each other, a tension between components that does not blur their essential separateness…..

The sacred is a natural condition for the “true Huichol.” It flows in and out of the mundane with a continuity that seems at odds with the concept of sacred as “set apart” and “special.” The sacred for the Huichol is continuous with the mundane in that it is within the very fabric of everyday concerns and everyday life lived as it is supposed to be.”

—- upon opening to a random page in Rock Crystals & Peyote Dreams


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