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Worms before Floods?

Really liked this synchro-video, except had a sinking feeling of sorts when they showed the giant slugs landing on the people right before the wave was going to hit them. I felt this way because I have recently come back down to Miami, where my parents live, and while I was at friend’s house the other day she showed me this odd “freak worm infestation” that apparently happens every 7 years.

So, is this a good wave or a bad wave? Or no wave at all?

It kind of reminds me of the last scene in the movie Abyss (the one omitted from the tv version) where the aliens threaten with a giant wave but freeze it before it lands.

That’s where my head is at right now. Worms. Waves.

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All is love





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You are who you choose to be

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V for Vendetta was a warning?

Swine Flu Vaccine = Cover for Mass Infection of Bird Flu

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What is Psychic “for?”

So, i am currently contemplating the idea of teaching another class on Remote Viewing, a simple, historical and sometimes political exercise in Psi ability.  Last year around October, i taught my first public class on…well, anything esoteric.  I decided to bypass extraterrestrials, conspiracy theories, spiritualities, and anything related to big ideas that might be too scary or uncomfortable or “silly” for an audience of young naturally skeptical and naturally curious adults.   The main thing i feel that keeps most people away from the esoteric and the intuitive, and the INNER in general, I think, is the absence of any mainstream scientific perspective that can support its relevance.  Plainly put, people desire to be told how to think and what to think about.   And if you introduce a new topic, they find you batty, fantastical, and again, silly.

So, my way of skirting this issue was, well, experience.  I figured if I could get them to do it themselves, the “science” part could be reconsidered.  In fact, I think the establishment of science right now currently is a control mechanism for the regulation of information.  And experience.

So I introduced the concept of Remote viewing, which I myself had come across god knows how in a book called Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness, by one of many individuals who participated in a now declassified Cold War pentagon project called Project Stargate.   Long story short, like all these stories, this guy started to experiment, and along the way, he “happened to” meet the right people who shared his interest in the subject and a burgeoning ability.    They established that “targets” could be viewed from any distance, across continents, across the street, and that the data received through deep consciousness was varied and surprising.  Often, information came thru as shapes, atmosphere, emotions, ideas, impressions.  It wasn’t like looking at a static image like a photograph.  Rather, consciousness perceived on all the levels that regular observation worked.  Except better.  And they used this in the Pentagon for a few decades, until the Soviet Union fell and then it was closed down (or migrated) and eventually made public by whistleblowers and the media.

Now, in my class, I did a standard remote view.  I had some images, photographs, and placed them upside down in the center of the table, while everyone tried their best to imagine and see what they were.  i can get an image fairly quickly, the more I operate from a place of trust, and a few other people in the class also picked up on it.  It happened to be an image of Obama giving the then famous fist bump to a little boy.  One of my students drew the Obama campaign symbol, and a few people drew smiles, and a few picked up on the idea of impact.  A pair of brothers drew the same thing, and someone drew her friend’s new tattoo.  Overall we observed the fluidity of shared conciousness and the prioritization of the subconcious mind.  If, for instance, you are more interested in one thing, your ever truthful subconcious mind will be directed toward that.    So, even though an assignment may be in front of you, interest, desire, curiousity, and other factors seem to be a higher priority for the direction of the mind.

These and many other lessons I have begun to pick up from the study of psychic, higher, and shared consciousness.  I’ve learned that I am a student in a much bigger school than i percieve.   In the synchronistic reality, we understand this, to an extent.  There are some who notice the patterns, and there are some who notice their own connection to these patterns.

Now it seems to me there is an unfortunate disconnect, a false feedback loop in the process of scientific culture.  There is a lack of self awareness, a hubris that reflects our own cultural ignorance.  I think this arises from a fear of losing one’s way in the vastness exterior and interior, and this leads so many to cling to the neurons and cells and skin of our being, without listening to the mind that observes so readily and persistently.  If science is only a study of matter, and a fervent and constant denial of the immaterial, then I think there will be a perpetual deadend in our society.  Until we get past this baby step.

Now, all is not lost.  There are some who have chosen to rough the scorn and abuse of their withholding peers and curiously pursue an interest in the immaterial eyesight.  I picked up a book last week from a popular NPR journalist last week called “UNbelievable.”  Its a history of the former laboratory of parapsychology at Duke University, that was run between the 1930s and the 1980s by one Dr. Rhine.  Telepathy, the existence of the soul, life after death, and other things were considered in this laboratory.  Now, the further I wade into this tepid and half-serious read, I find myself adjusting more and more to a fierce climate of unconsidered ideas.

These scientists were operating in a highly unimaginative environment.  They went forward into the unknown with the presumptions that allowed this place to be labeled “impossible” in the first place.

For instance, and this brings me to the title of this essay, they found themselves trying to test for telepathy, or the exchange of thought material.  However, instead of testing the much easier form of telepathy, the exchange between individuals, they keep testing with cards, symbols, objects.  They faulted the individual for a seeming preference and cited their mistakes as proof that telepathic exchange cannot exist.   And; however, when it was noticed and experienced, which is more often better achieved between people communicating in an easy and happy environment, this is written off as “unscientific” or “uncontrolled” because the control is the absence of the human interference.

Here is the problematic feedback loop.

If the scientific perspective is that humans themselves are the interfering and polluting force, the unquantifiable essence, in an experiment, and therefore falsifiers of any static event (such as telpathy), then they will find that….they are missing the whole point.  They are disproving something for the way that it operates.  Instead of studying it for WHY it operates that way.

Now, if i could get the ear of science, perhaps we could all move a bit more forward.  : )

Perhaps the question that ought to be asked when studying something that appears off the radar, is, WHY is it off the radar?  Why is it off the radar and yet also within the possession of human expression, albeit a seemingly difficult or rare exception of human expression?

That was the point of my remote viewing teaching workshop.  More or less.  To prove it to the kids that they are just as capable of psychic lenses as myself or anyone else.  Because we are all in the same shared psychic soup.

But again, the bigger question to ask here, is what is psychic for?  What is it related to?  Why are kind people more intuitive and empathic?  Is it perhaps that spiritual and extra sensory lessons are connected?  If so, then should the boundaries of science be reconceived?  If not altogether discarded for a new map?  If the way we view a subject establishes the purpose of that subject in our minds, then why psychic ability sometimes works and sometimes does not seem to work should be approached from the angle of “we do not know what we do not know,” or maybe, Why we do not know it.

Perhaps we are looking at the surface of the ocean when we look at each other and the “reality” around us.  Psychic experience would imply that there is a deeper sea and more than we have yet imagined.  But if my premise holds, that the map needs to change if we fall off it, maybe also the purpose of the map should also be reconsidered.

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An Obama dream comes true?

Um, about six months ago, I had a dream in which Obama sat on the steps under the Eiffel Tower, and spread his arms in both directions…expressing his openness and love to all things, to someone who sat next to him trying to get him to be less than he is.  He just smiled.


City of Light

I watched this scene in the dream and then exclaimed to my mother, “You see!  Obama is an Egyptian priest!”  She was like, “wha…?”  And I shook my head and told her not to worry about it.   She didn’t understand, you see, that the Egyptian priests were the facilitators who thru initiation have been now known to have had an intimate relationship to the true secrets of the Egyptian monuments and records.

Then today I found this on Konkrete Junkyard:

Hmmm…It seems so innocent, this possible reincarnation recognition.   That is what makes it also seem so genuine.  Yet would it not be expected that in the cycles of time those who have collected wisdom and experience would now come back into a role of leadership to steward in a New Age?

That is something that has concerned me in this syncho-sphere.  Even as the concepts, symbols, and themes of the Aquarian age are all being pointed towards, there is yet a subtle but distinct divorce from the previous generation’s description of this upcoming Shift.

I actually feel that the synchronous environment plays hand in hand with the unfolding of the Higher Mind.

I was reading in the Seth Material today about the importance of Spontaneity.  “Spontaneity is our doorway,” Seth said.  The Seth material as channeled thru Jane Roberts more or less jump started the New Age movement in mainstream America.  Synchronicity, the observation of which, implies a joyful point of view toward the interplay of image, event and meaning, seems to be a doorway as well.   To me they are the same doors.

Hokey, but perhaps true.


Jane Roberts

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How we are connected (addended at the end)

light circle

After stepping away from this blog for a long time, I’ve decided to start up again.  My absence was not for lack of material but rather for a lack of a conception of how to organize non linear sync ideas. Each sync blog I have had the privilege to read has developed a personal language, and yet the themes and tone of each overlap, with a seeming sense of purpose, as if we are both voyagers and creators.  Drawing ourselves into a consciousness of study that is without definition in our current world.  That is mind boggling to me.  And yet it has become completely natural and routine.

Now my only desire is to find a way to translate this.


Listening to Jake Kotze’s recent podcast last night in my living room, I was struck by two things.  By the way, I put the sensitivity and grace of Jake in an unparalleled category.  I believe his open mindedness to the evolution of himself, his ideas, and his blog is what allows for the range of insight I observe.  I have been concerned in the past that this new field is dominated too heavily by male voices, an invisible elephant in the room perhaps.   I think there is a needed nonjudgemental sensitivity when approaching these non dualistic concepts.   Coexisting with a multitude of unqualified new ideas requires a willful separation from the cultural psyche that informs our intellect.  We have to reach deeper, and let go of  linear programming.  We cannot tell the road where to take us, we must walk it to find out where it goes.

But I digress.  As you can see, I’ve had alot on my mind this past…(year?).  What struck me from Jake’s podcast was his understanding of the magnitude of Sync.  Sync, as he put it, causes the separation from Other to disintegrate.  To observe a sync is to be involved in it as well.  Since this disturbs the sanctity of privacy from the universe, it would be apparent that some people would not yet be open to having that conversation, that intrusion.  What synch tells us then is that privacy is illusion, and conversation is inevitable and ongoing.

As evidence to this…as I sat in my living room listening to his podcast, something very irregular for me since I almost always doing all my online research at work, Jake began speaking about surrealism.   As he mentioned that his room is covered in Magritte paintings, I was crosslegged on the floor looking at my own, the famous Magritte painting I had replicated not a few years ago, as I too felt most drawn to these images.  I felt Magritte struck a deep cord in regards to the human dilemma of identity.  The deeper internal feelings that are related to the natural world and the natural self are forced to qualify or hide themselves, disguised under a civilized exterior.  The Western perception that the rational self and natural self are inherently at odds I think is captured in Magritte’s joyful insanity that this apparent conflict provokes out of the desire live fully, and without boundary.  The boundary is the societal one, and it instructs us to be linear, inside of a constructed and enforced time, and to nonsensically deny our identitfication with the natural living world, a world which portends a much vaster sense of Identity.   This schizophrenic attitude of the western self is both lambasted and relieved in Magritte’s surrealism.  I felt relieved by his images.  I knew that I was too a non-linear dreaming self in a larger reality than has yet been described.

So when Jake drew this theme and his own experience into the conversation, I felt some personal feeling that I needed to start writing again, even without conclusion, plan, or theme.  I need to be and describe myself, if only for myself.

My Magritte Living Room

My Magritte Living Room

I have come to the conclusion in the past few months that I think Sync is about attitude, this cosmic consciousness (KK) we hear so much of.  I think there is an opportunity to step out of every situation, the momentary self, and let the matrix inform the moment, and take you further into meaning.  I believe we can all collect meaning, if we ask for it.

The matrix is a Siberian word formed to describe the Feminine hand or womb that holds the network of life together.

char web“I weave my webs for you because I like you. After all, what’s a life, anyway?”

-Charlotte’s Web

So stepping from the Separation to Sync.


) (

What I like about this pic, that I grabbed a few months ago from the Huff post, is the mirroring ellipses of the storm front and the man’s hand bending over his face.   Implied in this mirror, I think,  is the sacred relationship between our species, our consciousness, and our planet.  We do not yet know how this relationship works, and many people do not even know it exists, but this sync to me shows that it is understood in the deeper self of the collective.  Our realities are intertwined.  When I perceive syncs, it is not only from pop media, it is also from spirit animals, from people, from dreams, and from the earth itself, as we are part of the earth and even our computers are part of the earth.

In Sync there is no Separation.

For some reason, this reminds me of that kind of surreal juncture scene from the Miranda July film,

Me and You and Everyone We Know



Side note:

And last night as I was sitting at my local Irish Pub, underneath a parking garage where I and my friend Kris had planned to watch the space shuttle launch (as I live in Florida), I felt reminded of Hawaii by an Ihop commercial.  I struck up a conversation with a friend, who informed me that they (Hawaii) have “H One.”   “Hydrogen?” I asked.  “No,” he said, “a highway.” I came home later and sat down to look at the Sync Hole, and there was a post by another JK about the Space shuttle launch, and H One.

H one.  H1. ….. HI (Hawaii) perhaps as a new High Way for Space Tourism:

“The higher you go, the smaller it gets,” he said. “You definitely get a sense of the uniqueness of this fragile blue marble that we live on.”

I love following sync trails if only just to observe the absense of separation between spontaneity, coincidence, and events in conciousness.  I will try to get more casual with my posting, just to include as many of the unfolding syncs as possible from my journey.



So, re-reading this, i noticed the ridiculous synch info that was received prior to the outbreak of H1N1.

Very cool.  But that also relating to the recent posts added above, disturbs me unfortunately.

Pig Fever indeed.

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Yes. We. Can.

Mythology becomes Reality:

Myth no longer

Today I’m teary eyed and unable to keep myself from rejoicing publicly over the ability of Earth to come together in one symbolic moment, expressing peace inwardly and outwardly.

I say Earth because this was not an America only event.

Hope just got a little more realistic.


YESSS like arms raising together as one...

This is no mere thing.

This is a great thing.

This is a great change.

Change that occurs within our souls and in our societies.

A seed for the Future

A seed for the Future. A thought of Hope.

This morning, as 11/11 approaches, beckoning as the One Week anniversary of this climactic shift in global consciousness, a mediating purpose rises on the horizon.  Here and now the future begins.  And we see how the world is lifted, and we see who is the one lifting it.

As within is without, as the change in Me becomes the change in We.

Me is We, and We is Me.

Something fundamental has shifted.  Something we can see and touch.

In togetherness, me becomes we.

This is the Age of Aquarius.

Here we come.

As I was perusing the Huffington Post (aka the Obama fan page) today, in a reference to the changing of the guard at Fortune Magazine, this old cover is posted.

Notice the cross in the middle of the circle!!

How. We. Won.

How. We. Won.

As David Plouffe, chief organizer for the O campaign, said so succinctly and calmly on victory morning,

We won because we believed we could.”

The Alchemical Sign for Earth is the four aspects meeting in the One.

“From Many we are One” – Barack Obama

Earth - Pagan Symbols


Since we are on the topic of the mythological

Here is another interpretation of the meaning of the above symbol, which is also known as a Medicine Wheel:

Medicine Wheels are not fully understood by most people. Some say, they symbolize cosmic connections and our relationship to the sun; others say it represents a symbol of Harmony and Oneness or about ‘walking the Earth with reverence, with healthy minds and inner peace, honoring the connection between spirit and nature, by awakening our memories and manifesting our dreams.The Sasquatch said that these rock and shell and wood circles, describing the four directions, serve as Portals. You can go through them — but be aware! You may not be able to come back! The Sasquatch call this other world, the Sometime Place.

(is mythology…really mythology??)

Native American Medicine Wheel

Native American Medicine Wheel

A  new future approaches.

What this tells me, is that

It begins when we want it to begin.

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Feminin and Masculin: extensive dream journaling!

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Eddie and Annie

Eddie and Annie

Those two stood out to me from day one of this economic extravaganza that has led to the newworld-Ordering of our financial-debt system.  So, F and M.  But what does it mean??

Today however, it all came out as soon as I started wondering aloud to a friend about it.

One is a feminin name and the other is a masculin name, and yet within each are the signifiers of Feminin and Masculin. The dual truth of each gender is that they contain both. So, you are not ever one or the other, but both.  A truth that is coming to the surface, quite literally.

What I think is that, because we haven’t healed this truth, and we haven’t yet balanced our expressions, then we are imploding by necessity as a society, and this is the huge symbolic signifier.  That is what I read on the Giant Obvious scale.  The spiritual is signified by the physical. The spiritual problem is not fixed, so our structure of consciousness fails, and those attached to that failed system fail.

A balance of both inside

A balance of both inside

Here is what one site says:

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies:

It is also time to be clear about the need for both masculine and feminine energies existing in balance. Our culture tends to believe that anything “feminine” is less than anything “masculine.” It is a belief that is quite firmly held in the mass consciousness, although there are, fortunately, exceptions. Perhaps you are one of those who knows that masculine and feminine must exist in balance. Perhaps you know that neither one is better than the other.

I want to be certain that you do not immediately draw the conclusion that I believe that the solution to current organizational problems is to promote women to the top.  The solution must go below the surface of the outer actions. We must go deeper than legislation and rules — those are simply ways to control actions. The issues are deeper, more fundamental. A consciousness shift is required.

We must all integrate the masculine and feminine in our own consciousness. We must begin to feel safe talking about feelings, to show caring and affection and — dare I say it? — love in the work place and elsewhere.”

FM, FM.  Feminin Masculin, Feminin Masculin.

We need to learn this lesson particularly well if we are going to heal our society.  We need an expression of the Feminin first and foremost so very well indeed.   That I feel with the very essence of my being.

In fact, when I think of the American presidential election, I think of the need for Feminin. That will be the next strong expression in our consciousness.  It needs to be.  I don’t think Male or Female, like Hillary or Palin, Barack or Biden.  I don’t see specifics but I know that we need to honor and value the sacred feminin within all of us, and now, and soon.  If young Barack can help steer us collectively toward that more trusting, nurturing, heart based expression, then it will be a boon for this country, for this consciousness, for this world.  Tuesday come soon. Tuesday come well.

Honoring the Feminin

Honoring the Feminin

I had a dream a long while back about Barack. In the dream, I was comforting him.  I imagined it was because of all the stress the campaign was putting upon him.  Then I realized what was going on, and supposed I must tell him all I could about the reality of UFOs and how we need to work with these societies, and as well the nefarious underground activities of the black budget.  I took him to a balcony, a stylized Indian veranda, I pointed to the now approaching probe drones.  The ETs.  I said “look they are real.  it’s ok.”

Then we went around the veranda corner and were approached by a flank of ET bubble ships, which looked to me like Christmas tree ornaments.  One of them was coming very close, and I wanted to show Barack that we could ask for boundaries, so I put up my hand in the dream in front of me, saying Stop.  However, they kept coming closer.  Finally, the white bulbous one in front transformed into an Indian Sheik wearing a robe.  He came right up to us.  I think he even said my name.  I recall thinking that I felt a bit famous because I was acting as an introductory service between these worlds.  They all knew me.  I had the feeling that all of us hung out for awhile.  There were a few others.  Advisers.  But mainly this sheik and me and B.

We were in the shadows of some street.  We wanted to go get a hotdog at a nearby stand, but it was in public.  Barack didn’t want to be noticed.  I said to him, “look at who you are with, no one will think you are you.”  When we were getting a hotdog, some black guys in a suped Cadillac rode by, and Barack felt confused about his identity.  He didn’t want to be perceived as how the rest of us perceive those men.  A threat, reckless, dangerous.  The insecurities in our population had to be left behind.  Next, Michelle came and took B away.  Apparently she was jealous of my time with him.  I tried to assure her I wasn’t going to take him, but in truth in the dream I was in love with him.  O dear.  So , as they left, Barack’s pants inexplicably fell down, revealing a woman’s thong.  I was flabbergasted. It was weird, even for my dreams.  Funny, the sheik or the ufos weren’t as weird as the depantsing of Barack.  I thought consciously in the dream that I would have to dream-dictionary that tomorrow, but then I changed tactics and asked my Dream what that meant.  The answer (which now seems it was from the sheik) was that he would be challenged for his feminin side The media would call him weak because of it.

So, the next day after the Barack dream, my friend Scott told me on aim chat these words: You have to watch the Daily Show from last night.” Not: it was great, check it out.  Have to, in no uncertain terms.  So, I did and was flabbergasted again.

It was awesome.  There was this one segment in which John Stewart played a clip where a pundit called Barack Obama a diva. Stewart then succinctly said, “That’s not a diva….This is a diva! and played a clip of Cher from her dramatic music video of “If I could turn back time:”



There I was, in my office chair, while John Stewart directly rebutted the attack on Obama’s feminity,  redirecting and difusing the remark with a reference to a PANTSLESS Cher.  That’s right, pantless, woman’s thong wearing Cher, singing about turning back time, doing things right, and reaching the stars.

If I could turn back time
If I could find a way
I’d take back those words that hurt you
And you’d stay
If I could reach the stars
I’d give them all to you

Then you’d love me, love me
Like you used to do”

Affirmation Mania! Here is the Daily Show clip.  I think that ties in well with the optimistic, naturalizing expression that is needed in our collective shift in conciousness.  The more we shift and balance to get comfortable in our seats, the more this Cosmic Car Ride will go smoothly!

Turning back is how the way moves; Weakness is the means the way employs. The myriad creatures in the world are born from Something, and Something from Nothing.” ~ Lao Tzu


MGMT looks in all directions

………….Wow.  As I was writing this post, a new song came on my Ipod, Electric Feel by MGMT.  I liked the part when they say “this is what the world is for, making electricity.” I couldn’t have been prepared for the video as I searched it on youtube.  It has blown me away.

And I’ll tell you why.

Last weekend I had a dream where I was in what I described to a friend as a colony.  There was alot of people and activity around.  I was flirting and kissing with one boy, and then with another.  Then all of a sudden, there was like a “food shortage.”  But it was okay, because the moon was connected to our colony. And there was food in the moon. So, someone approached it, and out poured the “food” from the bottom.  I felt sort of zany telling this to my friend the next day, but I have alot of faith in my dreams having purpose and explanation.   Faith pays off it appears.  The video:

Out pours the food

Out pours the food

Eating the food from the stars.

Eating the food from the stars.

As in this video, all the young people cavort and party in the jungle, “feeling what they feel.”  At the point of my favorite lyrics, they PULL DOWN THE MOON.  AND THEN THEY OPEN IT, and get color/light and food from it. I know personally that the stars and the sky are nourishment for my spirit. This spirit food from above feels personal and profound.

“You can feel it in your mind, you can do it all the time.


Do what you feel now…”

We need each other, male and female. We need a balance of energies, masculine and feminine.



UPDATE! (11/10)

This was the image on the front web page of the NY Times this afternoon, a father kissing his daughters.

Season of Love!

Season of Love

This is the kind of celebration of the feminin that I was hoping and dreaming and knowing.

A reader comment from the Huffington Post.  One of many exalting the joy of this new way to love!

“This is a good looking, loving, caring, touchy-feely family. I love it. I am so proud of them. The way they are with each other and with their kids is how families are.
Thank you, President-Elect Obama, for showing us how a real man treats the woman and children that he loves. You are setting such a fine example. Thank you, First Lady-Elect Obama, for showing us how a real woman treats the man and children that she loves. You are such a fine example.
Thank you both! BTW: Those girls are so secure and so loving. Why? Because they KNOW they are loved and cherished. It makes all the difference.”

Talk about a way-shower….

: )

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